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2022/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/10/27 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:34386 Activity:very high
10/27   On a lighter note, Japan Today on Japanese drinking habits!
        \_ I'm usually not one to comment like this, but that Kaori looks like
           a skank.  The sake blush in the cheeks isn't helping.
           a skank.  The sake blush in her cheeks isn't helping.
           \_ I'm curious. Given the context of a young woman in a completely
              different place and culture, what definition of skank are you
              thinking of? E.g., does "skank" = !(HOTAZNCH1X)?
2022/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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           I invested a lot in TIPS.
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We find it hard to understand why he traveled to Iraq b ecause he should have known the danger well as the ministry has repeated ly warned citizens not to visit Iraq. Nonbei Okamura, 56 "I usually finish an entire bottle of sake (18 liters) all by myself in one night and wake up at a bar counter at 8 am pretty often. If Japanese blood is running in your veins, you'v e got to drink sake until the early hours of the morning." "Tom Cruise", 28 "In Japan, once you get drunk and become crazy and noisy, people will jus t ignore you. If you get seriously drunk and sick and end up sleeping on the street, people will kindly ask if you need help. However, in the U S, you will be strictly warned in any situation like that. They do not allow you to drink alcohol in public areas such as streets and they don' t usually drink when you are with kids in a public space such as a resta urant. Japan does not have that kind of custom at all, so that we often reveal our crazy side in public." Kaori, 23 "It all depends on the place and occasion, if you are at home, in a bar o r expensive restaurant, and also what you are drinking. Beer, shochu, wi ne or sake they will all affect your mood in some way. However, whatev er the occasion, as long as you can follow what's going on and behave pr operly, such as pouring another drink for whoever is with you and passin g food around, then you are cool." Kenji Suzuki, 33 "I think Japanese people's drinking habits are bad. It's OK to get drunk among ourselves, but we shouldn't get roaring drunk in front of foreigne rs. If foreigners have been in Japan for a long time and know Japanese c ustoms, I suppose it is OK. However, if they are fresh off the plane, he or she will be amazed by us vomiting on the street without giving it a thought. Foreigners don't act like that in their home countries, do they ? Maybe that's why we don't drink so much when we travel abroad." Megu, 24 "I don't like people who cannot read the atmosphere of the situation and keep on drinking just to get a buzz. I also don't like it when people ge t easily drawn into a high tempo situation and drink too much. Those peo ple do whatever they want and create problems, and there are so many of those in Japan. They need to learn how to drink at their own pace, and n ot be influenced by what's going on around them." When men dominated the drin king sessions, they forced women to do unpleasant things. In some places , women had to dance for the men who would stuff money down their bras. Things like that happened everywhere, but especially in red light distri cts. As a woman, I say that we shouldn't have to drink for those dirty o ld farts. It's changing for the b etter so that everyone can equally enjoy drinking together." Sayuri Okawara, 22 "Japanese drinking sessions are often very cumbersome. I also think Japan ese business people go out drinking too much. They are spending too much money and consequently spending less time with their families. Going ou t for a drink with clients and coworkers is a part of Japanese business culture. Avoiding such drinking occasions makes it harder to build relat ionships which may have an adverse impact on business, so we've got to g o sometimes. It's good if you like to drink, but if you don't, you need to compromise somewhat." Mitsu Hosoya, 60 "I think there are two different kinds of drinkers in Japan. One is the s elective drinker who looks for what he or she likes and enjoys the taste . The other type is someone who likes to just drink and get loaded. I pr efer to drink good sake, taking a lot of time to enjoy it. I think Japan ese people are becoming more selective as I am. Therefore, when you invi te somebody home for a birthday party or any kind of celebration, alcoho l is always a handy item to make the mood. It is important to know what' s good even if you are a housewife like me." Click here to see all messages by A L K Y M I S T E N (Oct 26 2004 - 16:48) when I first saw it. I am not sure what I would think of it if I saw it n ow though. Japanese drink to losen up, then why the hell do Canadians drink? Click here to see all messages by gucci (Oct 26 2004 - 16:53) Canadians drink to loosen up. The difference is Canadians puke in the privacy of their own homes, or discretely in the woods, or in their cars. Click here to see all messages by Nessie (Oct 26 2004 - 17:5 9) "I usually finish an entire bottle of sake (18 liters) all by myself in one night and wake up at a bar counter at 8 am pretty often." Click here to see all messages by sparkles (Oct 27 2004 - 01:36) and his head screwed up on straight. there are wayyyy too many nerd-boys in here who read books about japan, w ritten by foreigners, while they live in japan, and never realise that t hey dupliciting themselves on a prostrate cross. Click here to see all messages by Harry Gatto (Oct 27 2 004 - 08:36) You make several good points but this is out of order - "let us keep on pointing fingers and be nazi like loser gaijins." What you are referring to is a fairly typical American attitude; don't as sume all Gaijins are American or indeed, the same! Scandinavians especially Norwegians we urinate on th e streets all the time. And the best time to urinate on the streets is w hen you are smashed in the winter time. Trying to write your signature on the snow when urinating. Click here to see all messages by A L K Y M I S T E N (Oct 27 2004 - 11:14) with Japanese salary men then one with these JT posters who go on about.. And if you do ge t smashed make sure you are in your car or in your home.. Click here to see all messages by A L K Y M I S T E N (Oct 27 2004 - 11:20) You mock, I will mock you much much more... now that we agree on that being very drunk is not that bad.. could we be more civil and ask ourselves is the drinking culture THAT dif ferent.. Click here to see all messages by adam selene (Oct 27 2 004 - 19:31) It's not polite to vomit on Luna, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying the drink. Escaping sobriety is a dignified human legacy, and it only ca uses problems for others when some drunk decides to break out of the dom e or urinate on the airlock controls. I've visited some represed countries on Earth where public consumption of alcohol was illegal. The logic confuses me: alcohol can make some peopl e more violent and drunks are more likely to cause accidents, so why put a bunch of drinkers in a dark room and wait for the fire to start?