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2019/05/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/10/19-20 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:34230 Activity:high
10/19   Anyone have this experience before? A girl recently helped me
        out in buying clothes, getting a haircut, etc. with the presumption
        that she's trying to help me meet other girls. I've been alone
        for a while now, but I've had long term girlfriends in the past,
        so my instinct tells me that this girl isn't really that interested
        in "helping" me more than she might be interested in me. There are
        a couple of things she said that seem to be indicative of this,
        i.e. giving me positive comments about certain attributes, etc.
        Am I reading too much into this? Or should I just ask her out and
        be done with it? I mean, why would a girl help out a guy get another
        girl if she likes him and she's available?
        \_ Why?  Maybe she's bored and wants a project.  It *does* sound like
           she's into you though.  Pay attention to other subtle cues to tell
           if she's flirting with you or just needs a hobby.
        \_ It could be she thinks of you more as a pet.
        \_ it doesn't mean anything.
        \_ buying clothes? haircut? my god. She thinks you're her girlfriend.
           If she has real interests in you she will not ask you to
           do things she knows that most straight men hate-- shopping.
           She's asking you because you seem to have good taste
           and/or that you're more well refined than most men out
           there (this is a euphemism that she doesn't think you're
           manly). Buddy, go ahead and waste your time on her. Hope
           for the best but be prepared to be nothing than a shopping
           bag carrier.                     -been there done that
           \_ Speak for yourself. OP describes something like where I was 3 yrs
              ago with a girl. We got married last year.
                \_ Hope she doesn't like shopping for heavy items too much.
              \_ Congrats!
           \_ Yeah, I had a situation like that which eventually turned
              into a fun fling. She had a b/f when we first met though,
              so I didn't think anything of it. But eventually she broke
              up with him and we went out for a while.
              up with him and we went out for a while when she was on the
              rebound. Nothing serious came of it though.
        \_ It's 50/50.  Could be she wants you, could be you're just a little
           pet project for a bored chick.  Give it a shot.  We can't tell you
           more not knowing either of you.
        \_ The answer to all motd dating questions: Ask her out!
           Seriously. Otherwise, you will never know. Heck, even if she's
           not interested you may end up doing her when she's feeling more
           desperate and she remembers you were interested. If you don't
           show interest you're definitely not getting laid.
2019/05/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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