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10/11   Report: 6,000 Felons On Voter Registration Lists
        MoveOn in action - keep up the good work!
        \_ Only 536 registered this year. Keep yelling fire where there
           is none and no one will listen to you when it is for real.
           \_ see above
           \_ see above.  There is massive ongoing voter fraud and your
              answer is who cares.  Nice.
              \_ 536. In other words, you lied. Twice. Nice.
                 \_ 536 is enough to have made FL go the other way in 2000.
                    You'd be screaming conspiracy and bloody murder if those
                    were (R) voters, hypocrite.
                    \_ They probably are (R) voters.
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Print This Story Report: 6,000 Felons On Voter Registration Lists POSTED: 2:50 pm MDT October 10, 2004 DENVER -- Some 6,000 prisoners and felons on parole are on the state's vo ter registration rolls, The Denver Post reported Sunday. State law bars prisoners serving sentences or convicted felons who are on parole from voting. The Post reported that Secretary of State Donetta Davidson plans to conve ne an emergency meeting this week of Colorado's 64 county clerks to stop prisoners and parolees from voting on Nov. "I had no idea we had that type of numbers," Davidson said. "You have to wonder if they're malicious or inept in the secretary of sta te's office. Every ineligible elector that votes cancels the vote of an eligible elector," said Al Kowicz, executive director of Accurate Mail E lection Election Results, an election watchdog group based in Boulder. The Post said 40 percent of the 6,006 felons on voting lists are on parol e or in community-supervision programs that would permit them to visit p olling stations. Records through September showed 536 felons registered this year. Some were signed up during registration drives that have adde d tens of thousands of potential voters to the registration rolls since March. One problem is that the state corrections department does not send a list of felons to the secretary of state's office. This particular issue is a matter for corrections to address," said Bill Compton, state election s director. "We send data sets to agencies that request the information," said Alison Morgan, spokeswoman for corrections.