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2019/03/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/9/28-29 [Politics/Domestic, Industry/Jobs] UID:33820 Activity:high
9/29    So last year I asked the motd for advice about writing a "self-
        evaluation" at the end of the year during review time. I was told
        to talk myself up as much as possible w/out going overboard. I took
        this advice and I believe it helped. But then after my review and
        compensation adjustments I was asked a question I wasn't prepared
        for so this year I'll ask the motd again...
        After receiving end-of-the-year compensation adjustments, what
        should one answer when manager asks "Is this what you expected? If
        not, more or less?" I can think of reasons for both yes/no and
        more/less answers. Any thoughts?
        \_ I would not answer such questions unless I were absolutely sure
           they were doing this seriously, for their employees, which is
           not possible, so never mind.  I would never answer that.
        \_ What you expected would seem to be less relevant than what you
           wanted. I would proceed assuming the "want" meaning. To answer
           that you need to figure out what you're worth independent of the
           manager's mind games. Not that I know anything really though.
           Oh and if it really does seem high, I don't really see a point
           in admitting that, what would your reason be? Brownie points?
           \_ i'd be happy to just have a job.  what's a raise?
        \_ my thinking is to use this to your advantage. if you're unhappy
           with the raise, say "it's too low." it's a great opportunity to
           do so, and your manager might expect you to say it so you won't
           be making people uncomfortable. If you're happy with it, provide
           no information. Say something uninformative like "it will do" with
           a poker face. That way, the manager only gets information if it
           benefits you.
        \_ I'm the one who told you to talk yourself up without being a nut
           about it.  In response to all stupid manage head game questions
           like this you should reply like a politician, not an engineer.
           When asked a direct question, most engineers will try to answer
           it truthfully and directly.  BZZZT!  This is the worst thing you
           can do with head game questions.  I was asked the same thing when
           I got my bonus & raise this spring.  The raise was pathetic.  The
           bonus was better but nothing special as bonuses go.  My response
           was along the lines of "Well, everyone would agree that more is
           always better than less, and this was certainly better than nothing.
           how much is left in the budget for further adjustments at this
           point?".  So I answered without answering and then turned it around
           back on them with a question which made it clear I wanted more and
           I know they have more money in the budget for it (they can always
           get more money if they really want/need it), yet I wasn't an
           aggressive greedy overly demanding asshat about it.  Of course they
           didn't actually come up with anything extra but I didn't expect
           them to.  The point was to answer the question in such a way as to
           not come off as a total asshole but making it clear they didn't
           just buy my undying loyalty forever either.  Remember, talks with
           your manager are not engineering problems to be solved.  This is
           them testing you to see how far they can abuse you without making
           you quit or stop working as hard.  Good luck next year and let us
           know how it goes.
        \_ well its the end of our year right now... my review is tomorrow
           so you all will find out soon enough. I'm taking all above advice
           into consideration. thanks. -op
2019/03/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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