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2019/03/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/9/28-30 [Computer/Networking] UID:33819 Activity:nil
9/29    Me and two other guys are getting free (< 500$) PocketPCs to develop
        a little application for nurses to remotely access a server.  Does
        anyone have suggestions?  shac suggested the Dell Axim.
        \_ you've already followed the only advice I would give: avoid the
           doctors, and talk to the nurses. good luck getting doctors to
           back any system to do anything that weighs less than 50 pounds,
           costs less than 5,000 dollars, doesn't run on DOS, and has a
           non-broken UI.  Fucking dumbasses.
        \_ I've recommended the Axim line for a while now.  I have an iPaq 3835
           which I'm quite happy with, though the Axim's are definitely the
           best bang-for-the-buck.  They also have SD and CF slots--though if
           you get wifi you'll probably sacrificet the CF slot.  I really like
           their screens too--they look brighter and crisper than my iPaq.
           Bottom line, go to your favorite box store and take a look at them.
           \_ Unfortunately, I probably won't have time to get to a store. I'm
              supposed to let them know by tomorrow morning.  I'll look into
              the Axim line.  Right now i'm considering the Asus A716 -
              integrated BlueTooth, integrated 802.11b, IrDA, and SD & CF II
              slots.  That should pretty much cover any connectivity issues
              that arise.
              \_ Most of the current Axims have both 802.11b and bluetooth
                 built in already.
2019/03/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2008/8/5-10 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/Networking] UID:50780 Activity:nil
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        \_ So this essentially turns your phone into an open server?  I wonder
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