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2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/8/26-27 [Finance] UID:33171 Activity:high
8/26    Tipping for sport instructors (hang gliding, scuba, white water rafting
        etc.): yes or no?  In what cases?  tia
        \_ watch Along Came Polly, that girl really tipped the scuba instr.
           \_ s/tipped/tupped/
        \_ here is what I think about tipping. If you can afford it, tip
           as much as you want. If you're a poor ass student, don't tip.
           No tip no shame. Tip however much you want. US/UK are the only
           countries that tip. Go figure.
           \_ Tipping in the UK is rare..
              \_ Tipping in Hong Kong is standard.
                 \_ only in fancy restaurant.  otherwise, just some spare
                    changes is enough!
                    \_ That's incorrect.  10% tip is automatically charged to
                       the bill.  Where do you get your information?
                       \_ The 10% is mandatory "service charge".  The
                          voluntary-but-standard tip is in addition to the 10%.
                       \_ What an idiotic situation. Automatic, compulsory tip?
                          That's not what a tip is, and defeats the point.
           \_ Always tip 15% before tax in a restaurant in the U.S., higher
              if you want.  Include this in the cost of the meal.  Don't use
              the student excuse, even for delivered pizza, although that's 10%.
           \_ hey thanks! but i dont see barber/salon on here...
              \_ 15%, same for masseuse, but because skill matters more, it's
                 really between 10-20%.
           \_ so basically it says tip the extreme sports guys.
              tennis/swimming/golf, no.  I'm kind of skeptical on the first
              part, so I would ask the admin people.
        \_ I tipped my golf pro $10 after a couple lessons. Hey, why not?
           Most of these folks aren't getting rich off their job, it doesn't
           hurt to put a good finish on their day.
              \_ fuck that.  I tip them what they deserve.  In my mind
                 standard service is 20%, crappy but not insulting is 10-15%,
                 crappy and it's because they're just born dumb is 5-10%,
                 crappy because they're lazy is 0$, and genuinely good is
                 30%.  It's up to the costomer to provide an  economic
                 signal to the waitstaff that rewards good work and
                 punishes bad work.  If everyone were like you, all waitresses
                 would get paid the same, which is stupid.  A good diner
                 waitress can make 20 dollars an hour on the same shift
                 as a shitty one who makes 10 an hour, which is how it
                 should be.
                 \_ thank you. -guy who grew up in Europe and doesn't really
                                give a damn about tipping
2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Click Here TIPS Summer Tipping NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Okay, so it's summer and the living is supposed to be easy. But if you're traveling on vacation, playing golf, sending your kids to camp or just having the lawn mowed, there are always two hard questions that linger: "Do I have to tip? To find the lowdown on the tipping customs where you're going, check with a good travel agent or country-specific travel book. ") AIRPORT TIPPING Skycaps: $2/bag Electric cart driver: $2-$3/person Wheelchair pusher: $2-$3/person AUTO TRANSPORT Taxi drivers: 10%-15%; up to 20% if driver helps with bags or makes extra stops Car service/limo drivers: 15%-20% Door-to-door shuttle: For paid shuttle service, 15%, with $1-$2 extra per bag if help with luggage is provided. BUS TOURS One-day trips Guide & driver: 10%-20% cost of tour Extended tour Guide & driver: $1-$10/day, unless gratuity is part of tour price CRUISE TIPPING Varies. HOTEL TIPPING Doorman: $1-$3 for hailing cabs, helping with luggage Bellhop: $1-$2/bag Concierge: $3-$5 for dinner reservations ($10 for hottest restaurants); g, getting extra towels, setting up chair/umbrella) Golf caddy: $10-$25 above fee if fee is paid to the golf club Country club staff: Policies vary. But check with the company about their tipping policies when signing up. Some may suggest paying a lump-sum equal to a percentage of the cost of your stay, and the company then divvies it up among the staff.