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2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/8/17-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32974 Activity:insanely high 54%like:34993
8/17    Dude, kchang, what's up with your motd archive?  It's two weeks old!
        \_ He got squished because he was using a script to finger soda
           more than once a second to retrieve the motd without logging in.
           He stopped the script.
           \_ Why would closing his soda account prevent him from fingering
              the machine?  If the abuse was fingering then he should be
              stopped from fingering.  If the abuse was soda related then
              his account should be terminated.  I don't see a relationship
              between the two events.  This looks political/personal.
                \_ my friend, 90% of the stuff that goes on in the real world
                   (outside of your nice little world) is based on politics,
                   personal favors, and vendetas. CSUA + EECS has been like
                   this since I was a freshman in the late 80s and it still
                   runs like this. The sooner you accept this the better off
                   you'll be.
                   \_ Ah, finally the true colors of the motd liberal come out.
                      Go 'nuanced' worldview go!
                      \_ That was most definitely not one of the numerous
                         motd liberals.
                         \_ How the hell could you know unless you wrote it?
                            Or is this just Bad->Republican && Republican->Bad
           \_ I don't personally use any archive and I don't see why anyone
              would either. Most of it is filled with political trash from
              ilyas|tom|aaron|few others that no one else ever cares about.
              Why bother?
              \_ Dude, you don't bathe either.Does that mean it's the standard?
              \_ I'd bother because, on the contrary, I think there actually is
                 a variety of useful knowledge that flies through here now
                 and then. Over time it adds up to a lot, and being able to
                 search back for some item can be handy. The other reason is
                 that often I can no longer sit monitoring the motd every
                 5 minutes. Since stuff gets nuked so frequently, it's very
                 handy to be able to look in the archive to see what happened
                 to a thread, what replies a post received, or what entire
                 threads I might have missed.
              \_ Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitchity-bitch!
                 I try to answer technical questions or whatever, when I feel
                 I am qualified, other than that I talk about what I find
                 interesting.  If you don't like a thread, skip it.  What have
                 YOU done to make motd a better and more useful place?  Except
                 bitching, because that doesn't count. -- ilyas
                 \_ I'm with Ilyas on this one.  If you don't like what others
                    have to say which obviously interests them or it wouldn't
                    be here 24x7, then just ignore it and don't participate.
                    Nothing stops you from making a world writable file in
                    /tmp or your home or on some other machine.  There is
                    nothing sacred about the motd that says it can only be
                    used the way some people insist it must be.
                    \_ fine, maybe I'll just nuke it from time to time, just
                        like the time when ilyas and tom partially deleted
                        posts that they didn't like.
                        \_ no, it's not fine.  you're saying the opposite
                           of what i suggested.  do what you like but don't
                           try to put your nuking on my head.
            \_ he got squished because he was stupid enough to bounce
               his finger requests through a cgi on the EECS department
               webserver multiple times/second in such a way as to make
               root@eecs notice.
               \_ which normally just gets a slap and a warning.  i still
                  don't see how his outside activities have anything to do
                  with having a soda account.
                  \_ Normally, people who just got their accounts back
                     don't pull shit like this
                     \_ What shit? Since when was using "finger" such
                        a horrible offense? Since when was running
                        automated scripts that don't have any malicious
                        use a squishable offense. I don't really know
                        much about kchang. For all I know, he could be
                        a total freak. But I think this is just petty.
                     \_ especially when they originally got squished for
                        something very similar.
                        \_ how is it similar?
                        \_ I still see no relationship between his non-soda
                           account activity and getting his account terminated
                           and no one has attempted to explain the link.
                           \_ that's because your premise is ridiculous
                              \_ then it should be easily refuted which you
                                 haven't done.
                                 \_ that's because it's a strawman argument.
                                    "Never argue with an idiot; he'll bring
                                    you down to his level, and beat you with
                                    \_ It isn't a strawman.  You don't know
                                       what that even means.  I shall explain.
                                       A strawman is when *I* would frame
                                       *your* point as some weak statement
                                       which *I* would then knock down.  This
                                       is not what I have done.  It has been
                                       stated many times that he was squished
                                       for over doing it on the finger procs
                                       but squishing him does not prevent him
                                       from fingering anything.  So we're
                                       back where we started.  He got squished
                                       for petty personal reasons, not to
                                       prevent him from doing anything and
                                       didn't even get a warning for such a
                                       trivial event.  Unrelated but I find
                                       it ridiculous that he could generate
                                       enough traffic from UCLA to slog the
                                       EECS network at UCB with just finger
                                       a few times per second.
                     \_ What shit?  Would you terminate his account if he
                        accumulated too many unpaid parking tickets?  What
                        does fingering soda via eecs have to do with his
                        account being terminated?  Nothing.  He was just
                        being punished because some petty people who
                        dislike him could.
                        \_ Soda's net connection is through the good graces
                           of the EECS department, it is in our best interests
                           to keep them happy.  I still don't know why
                           kchang insisted on 'bouncing' his finger requests
                           to soda off of an EECS machine, when he could have
                           just fingered soda directly, or transfered the motd
                           diffs via scp, or used his old cgi, or a million
                           different other ways. - danh
                           \_ And using one of the million different other
                              ways is better than using finger? If anything,
                              scp consumes more packet overhead than finger.
                              What's so horrible about finger? If he had
                              used scp or some old cgi, I'm sure someone
                              would have complained that kchang was
                              constantly sending scp or http requests to
                              csua. If finger was such an abuse, why don't
                              you tell us about it or disable the service?
                         \_ finger is fine.  why didn't he finger soda directly
                            then, and not doing some lame early 90s
                            hacker shit and bouncing it off an EECS machine?
                            i still don't get it. - danh
                            \_ Someone pointed out in motd that he was using
                               finger. Being the paranoid spaz that he is,
                               he decided he needed to hide where the finger
                               was coming from
                           \_ How does squishing him prevent him from
                              doing what he was squished for?  It doesn't.
                              Therefore squishing him is pointless and
                              \_ because when they squished him, they also
                                 put a .nofinger which makes any 'fingering'
                                 pointless, so he stopped
                              \_ yes it sucks.  too bad nothing in the real
                                 world is as black and white as yours.
                                 soda is more like a consensual hallucination.
                                 \_ thanks for not answering anything I said.
                                    why did you bother replying at all?
        \- it's simple, his squishage is all about personal vendettas. ask
           tom holub, he'd know something about personal vendettas.
                \_ and so do you, mister anonymous.  did he fart on you
                   in E260 in 1990?  - danh
                   \_ he farted on my best friend.  he's no longer with us. :-)
                   \_ he farted on my best friend.  she's no longer with us. :-)
        \_ I think kchang has been unsorried again.
                \_ this is all so obvious if you twinks just learned to
                   to use /csua/bin/finger. For the Xth time, use the
                   godamn binary!!!
                   \_ You can't finger kchang since there is now a .nofinger
                      in his home dir
                      \_ Ah, so he's tired of people giving him the finger...
                         \_ you so funny
                      \_ /csua/bin/finger ignores ~/.nofinger, unlike
                         The /etc/passwd entry is no guarantee of non-squish
                         In any case, if you /csua/bin/finger him now, you
                         will see he has been unsquished.  I wonder when
                         he finds out.
                         \_ He already has, my friend.  He already has.
2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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