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2019/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/8/12 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:32849 Activity:insanely high
8/12    Why is "tabbed browsing" in Mozilla a good feature.  I've always been
        able to open new windows in NS or IE by Ctrl-N or right-clicking and
        choose "Open in new window".
        \_ All your sites stay in the same window.  Try opening 20 windows
           in IE and then 20 tabs in mozilla.  I don't understand why you
           would even use NS when it is just the mozilla code with extra bad
           and useless advertising crap and minus some of mozilla's better
           features.  Try it, you'll like it.
           \_ Ads come from web pages, not a browser, right?
              \_ Mozilla doesn't have a "SHOP" button, right next to the
                 "STOP" button, unlike IE, so no, wrong in this context.
           \_ Also, it's a lot faster to open 20 tabs than 20 windows. And
              you can have the tabs loading in the background, whereas
              new windows will steal focus from your old one.
           \_ I'm using NS 7.1 because it's been out there for a long time
              (1yr?) and I thought that means it's more stable and fewer
              security holes.  Whereas Mozilla keeps on having new releases, so
              it seems less stable.
              \_ You are sadly misguided. Netscape is basically just a
                 snapshot of Mozilla at one moment in time, and from that
                 they put in some "value-added" crap. So you could just get
                 the release of Mozilla that your Netscape is derived from.
                 Look on the about page for the build date.
                 \_ Geez.  I'm ditching NS now!  Thx.
        \_ it's a preference thing. for me, it's cleaner to have all my pages
           in one window. wanna minimize everything? you just have to minimize
           one window. not everyone needs the feature though.
        \_ I use both tabs and multiple windows; each window contains several
           tabs with related pages.  It's a lot easier to manage than the
           10+ windows I'd have open otherwise.  -tom
           \_ Yes, tabbed browsing is used most by non-degreed government
              employees, followed closely by time spent on the wall, time
              spent on the motd, then lunch, then smoke break, and somewhere
              below clock watching, work.
              \_ get a life.
                 \_ ouch!  that was stinging! what a zinger!
        \_ It's even better in Opera IMO.  Mostly because if you close Opera
           (or even if it crashes) when you start again all your pages are
           still there.
           \_ Opera: $$$.  Mozilla: no $$$.
           \_ Is there a FireFox extension that emulates this?
              \_ crash recovery - I believe there's also
                 one that autosaves/remembers on start, but I haven't used it
                 \_ Call me when it's no longer an extension.
                    \_ As if it matters.  Why do you care?  You want a giant
                       monolithic piece of crap with everything complied in?
                       Microsoft has the perfect browser for you!
                       \_ No, I'm not looking for emacs.  Opera for Win32 is a
                          whopping 3.4 MB download.  I hardly call that
                          \_ And it doesn't have the same feature set as
           \_ Also, an irritation of Mozilla is that when you close a tab, you
              get dumped into the rightmost tab.  Opera allows you to cycle
              through MRU order.  Oh, and you can move tabs around easily.  And
              if you have multiple frames, it's easy to move tabs from one
              frame to another.
                \_ I like the right tab focus.  I just read tabs right to left
                   and open them in reverse order of interest.
                \_ there are a couple nice extensions that allow you to do
                   things like this in mozilla/firefox as well...
                   \_ Call me when they're no longer extensions.
                      \_ Um... the whole POINT is that they're extensions, and
                         will never be integrated.  Make the core product fast,
                         and let users add the additions that they want...
                         \_ Great.  Will I have to download a plugin to use the
                            cursor keys to navigate a page up and down?  Sorry,
                            if you have tabbed browsing, you need some ability
                            to use those tabs effectively.  Opera is
                            light-years ahead of Mozilla on this.
                            \_ Call me when Opera costs the same as Mozilla.
                            \_ I navigate with the cursor keys all the time.
                               \_ Why is that not a plugin?!  Those Moz
                                  hypocrites--integrating that as a feature
                                  instead of leaving it as a plugin.
                                  \_ Why is free-as-in-beer not a feature of
                                     Opera?  Why do they have to plug-in to my
                                     wallet to get a slightly different version
                                     of tabbed browsing?
                                     \_ I have no problem paying for superior
                                        software.  If you're happy with
                                        inferior-but-free-as-in-beer tools,
                                        more power to you.
                                        \_ Superior?  Opera is going to make
                                           my life better than Mozilla enough
                                           to pay for it?  Which stock market
                                           did you get your money in?
        \_ Tab browsing makes it easier to follow threads in mailing lists.
           You know that each of the tabs following the current on are
           replies in the thread you are reading.
        \_ I used to be annoyed by tabs; I liked Ctrl-N a lot.  Now I love
           tabs and I use Ctrl-T and middle-click all the time.  Mainly a new
           window opening up is just slower, and the saved start bar real
           estate is great.
           \_ Seconded.  Tabs wierded me out for quite a while, but they really
           \_ Seconded.  Tabs weirded me out for quite a while, but they really
              are quite convenient, for reasons of window managability, screen
              real estate, nd background loading.  On the rare occasions I want
              to compare 2 pages side-by-side, there's still Ctrl-N.
              to compare 2 pages side-by-side, there's still Ctrl-N. [spelld]
           \_ Is there a way to configure Mozilla to always open links in
              a new tab when you click (accidentailly) on a link that would
              otherwise open a new window?? I don't always want to hold down
              ctrl key when I am pressing the mouse button...
              \_ Middle mouse button.  It's in the preferences.
                 \_ Middle button always opens a new tab. I want to
                    open a new tab only if the link would open a new
                    window. Kind of override new window with new tab
                    \_ check out the tabbrowser extensions
                    \_ check about:config, browser.tabs.opentabfor.windowopen
2019/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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