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2019/03/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/8/6 [Politics/Domestic] UID:32745 Activity:high
8/6     Regarding the Mailer interview: below: who is he?  I don't want any
        trolling, but what is the gut association that your average educated
        American has with the man?
        J. Edgar Hoover : Cross Dressing
        Joe McCarthy : HUAC / Communist Witch Hunt
        :: Norman Mailer : __________________
        Liberal and conservative reactions, please.
        \_ he dated Marilyn Monroe for a while, right? That's about all I know
           about him. Oh yeah, and he wrote some plays too?
           \_ Is this a troll or are you actually this illiterate?
              \_ WTF should I care about some Dead White Guy
                 \_ Best laugh I've had all day.
        \_ He's a writer/novelist. Wrote _The Naked and the Dead_
           stabbed his wife (in a drunken state -- he didn't kill her),
           won a Pulitzer Prize for _Armies of the Night_. Also a boxing
           fan. He got into a fight with Gore Vidal at a party once and,
           of course, knocked Vidal down, to which Vidal responded,
           "I see words fail you once again, Norman".
           \_ This is exactly the stuff I'm looking for.  Thx. -op
        \_ Who is Normal Mailer and why should I care?
        \_ McCarthy was in the senate and hence not part of HUAC.
           \_ He held his own hearings in the Senate based on HUAC's precedent.
           \_ It's how he feels, not what he thinks.
              \_ I doubt "he" feels anything about HUAC or would even recognize
                 the acronymn.
                 \_ Since he used it, he probably feels something about it and
                    likely knows what it means.
                    \_ Thank you, yes I do know a bit about HUAC and I'm looking
                       for impressions of how Mailer fit into the zeitgeist of
                       the middle 20th C.
2019/03/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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