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2019/03/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/8/6 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:32744 Activity:high
8/6     Hey, where's Bush-will-win-because-of-the-economy guy?
        \_ Wow, 32k new Walmart slaves! Meanwhile, ~170k new workers
           entered the job market during that same month. --aaron
        \_ Also, Bush-California-landslide guy:
        \_ Yawn, this keeps coming up.  The reply is always the same.  There
           will be 3 debates, then we get a final poll which will probably
           show the candidates are still within the margin of error, then we
           vote and find out who the President is.  Nothing else matters
           between now and then unless there's some catastrophe or aliens
           land or something.
           \_ Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.
              \_ You slime!  Kang has my vote!
                 \_ I believe I'll vote for a third-party candidate.
           \_ Are you willing to bet on Bush winning California?  -tom
              \_ I never said he'd win CA.  I'm willing to bet that there will
                 be 3 debates, a flurry of final polling, a vote, and then
                 we'll have a President for 4 years.  Are you willing to bet
                 on Kerry winning Texas?
                 \_ no, but I never predicted that he would.  Some anonymous
                    MOTD coward predicted that Bush would win CA in a
                    landslide.  -tom
                    \_ I'm pretty sure that was a troll.  I thought it
                       was then too.  Get over it.
2019/03/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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The decline came as traders pored over new payroll figures showing employers added just 32,000 jobs last month, data low enough to warrant worries that a slowing in the economy in June may have been more just a brief pause. The July job report reflects the weakest increase in hiring since December and comes after a revised gain of just 78,000 in June, even less than previously reported. Economists had forecast the creation of roughly 243,000 jobs for July. Analysts said the weak jobs report was seeding doubts among investors about the overall strength of the economy, and raising new doubts about what the Federal Reserve board of governors will do next week when it meets to discuss interest rates. The job figures "were a big surprise and they clearly rocked the market," said Hugh Johnson, chief investment officer at First Albany Corp. "Now the debate will be intense about what they (the Fed) will do next week at their meeting, very intense. The questions about what the policy makers might do was reflected by a surge in demand for bonds, briefly pushing the interest rate on the benchmark 10-year note as low as 418 percent, a level not seen since the spring. The dismal jobs report comes as Wall Street finishes what had already been a terrible week, with stocks falling to new lows for the year because of concerns about very high oil prices. Stocks closed much lower Thursday, after oil prices surged again to more than $44 a barrel. In afternoon trading, Britain's FTSE 100 was down 17 percent, Germany's DAX index was down 27 percent, and France's CAC-40 was down 26 percent. Just 32,000 Jobs Are Added In July Associated Press - 8/6/04 8:54:10 AM ET The nation's payroll growth slowed dramatically last month, a potentially troubling sign that the rough patch the economy hit in June was no aberration. Google To Delay IPO One Week Associated Press - 8/6/04 7:00:14 AM ET Google will delay its IPO by a week because of logistical problems related to institutional investors registering to bid on the shares. Ex-Enron Trader Must Aid Swindled States Associated Press - 8/6/04 4:59:14 AM ET Aid is part of plea admitting to manipulating energy markets during California's power crisis. Disclaimer Stock quotes are delayed at least 15 minutes for Nasdaq, at least 20 minutes for NYSE/AMEX US indexes are delayed at least 15 minutes with the exception of S&P 500 which is real-time.
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chart attached graphical line California voters favor Sen. John Kerry over President Bush by a 12- percentage-point margin, a lead that has remained steady since Kerry emerged as the presumptive Democratic nominee in February, according to a Field Poll released today. The survey of 633 California voters, conducted over six days immediately after the Democratic convention, shows that Kerry's popularity in the state has increased over the past two months even as the head-to-head contest with the Republican Bush remains unchanged. Among self-described likely voters, 53 percent said they would vote for Kerry if the election were held today, while 41 percent would choose Bush. When Ralph Nader's name was added, 51 percent said they would vote for Kerry, 40 percent for Bush and 2 percent chose Nader. Though a majority of Kerry voters said their preference is driven by anti- Bush sentiments, 58 percent of all respondents said they had a favorable impression of Kerry, up 10 percentage points from May Forty-two percent said they had a favorable impression of Bush, a drop of 2 percentage points from May The poll has a statistical margin of error of plus or minus 41 percentage points. "The convention seems to have had a positive influence on voters' impression of Kerry,'' said poll director Mark DiCamillo. However, he added that he did not expect any significant changes in the matchup barring an unforeseen development. "Partisan opinions are so firmly held -- held in such a consistent manner for so long -- change would require a major event,'' DiCamillo said. California, which has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since George HW Bush in 1988, remains far more pro-Kerry than the rest of the country. A nationwide poll released Thursday by Fox News showed Kerry ahead of Bush among likely voters 48 percent to 43 percent. The survey of 775 voters had a statistical margin of error of 4 percentage points. A smaller sample of registered voters in 15 "battleground'' states showed Bush and Kerry in a statistical dead heat. Polls gauging the candidate's strengths will be critical in determining strategy for the final three months of the campaign. Reflecting California's position as a state not viewed as a battleground, the group of musicians -- including Bruce Springsteen -- who announced a tour Wednesday of 34 cities to drum up support for Kerry will come closest to the state on Oct. Bush is scheduled to be in Santa Monica -- a Democratic bastion -- for a fund-raiser next Friday, according to documents circulated by the campaign. It will be Bush's first visit to the state since March, and anti-war groups are pledging to protest the visit already. "We continue to see a real opportunity in California,'' said Bush-Cheney spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt, who would not confirm details of the president's trip. Meanwhile the Kerry campaign has said the Massachusetts senator will be in California before Aug. That raises the possibility that both candidates could cross paths in the Democratic-leaning state next week. The San Francisco-based Field Poll found support for Kerry is strongest in the Bay Area, where he is ahead of Bush 63 percent to 27 percent. Bush's strongest showing comes in the Central Valley, where he is ahead of Kerry 48 percent to 40 percent. "If you remove the Bay Area from California, it would be pretty much a dead heat,'' DiCamillo said, observing that Bay Area residents sometimes live in a political bubble. "Everywhere I go, people ask me in disbelief why Kerry is not leading (by more) in the election,'' DiCamillo said. John Edwards of North Carolina, while 38 percent said Vice President Dick Cheney. Edwards is viewed as favorable by 57 percent of voters, as compared to 40 percent for Cheney. Among Democrats, Kerry leads Bush 83 percent to 11 percent. Among Republicans, Bush is ahead 81 percent to 15 percent. Kerry Voter preference for president (among California likely voters) Poll including Ralph Nader Nader 2% Bush 40% Kerry 51% Undecided 7%. Poll without Ralph Nader Kerry 53% Bush 41% Undecided 6% Presidential preferences by subgroup Kerry-Edwards Bush-Cheney Undecided Statewide 51% 40 9 Party Democrats 83% 11 6 Republicans 15% 81 4 Nonpartisan/other 48% 29 23. Region Los Angeles County 55% 39 6 Other Southern California 44% 47 9 Central Valley 40% 48 12 San Francisco Bay Area 63% 27 10 Other Northern California* 55% 41 4 Relatively small sample. Telephone survey was conducted in English and Spanish July 30Aug. Results have a sampling error of plus or minus 41 percentage points.