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The story, Anderson freely admits, is "inspired" by her own life -- from growing up on a small island to having sex with rock stars. Early in the novel, which runs just under 300 pages, the title character, Star Wood Leigh, has a lesbian encounter with a pal. Later, she's in an orgy scene with her rock-star lover and has a fling with a gal named Bambina. So, who has had more sex, Pamela Anderson or her fictional alter ego? "I think we're both running even," Anderson tells The New York Post, adding with a chuckle, "but not at the moment. I don't think anybody will come to this book looking for the quiet read." Although Star has sex in an elevator, in automobiles and in public, Anderson says publisher Simon & Schuster "wanted more." The author is nearly nude on the book jacket -- with just a few strategically placed stars on her ample curves --but Anderson says Wal-Mart shoppers will have to settle for a censored version, with just a white star on a pink background, minus the titillating portrait. Anderson and Quinn -- whose previous books include "Always Have, Always Will (Queer as Folk)" and "Say Uncle," about a single gay man battling for custody of his orphan nephew -- met for the first time last October for lunch at a French bistro on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. "She said to me, 'I have always thought that I was a gay man in a woman's body,'" Quinn recalled. "We'd eat breakfast once a week at Pam's house, and we told stories." The first step was naming the character, which Anderson says she based on her "porn star" name. "Somebody told me once that you figure out your porn name by taking the name of your pet and the street you grew up on," she says. In the book, Star Wood Leigh, who lives on a small Florida Key, works two jobs, at a restaurant where her T-shirt reads "Shuck me, suck me, eat me raw," and at Talon's Nail and Tan Spa, and is stuck in an abusive relationship with her high school boyfriend. When her jiggly image is put up on the giant scoreboard at a Miami Dolphins football game, she scores, getting hired as spokesmodel for a beer company. That leads to a cover for Mann magazine, a move to LA, and wining, dining and shopping, courtesy of wealthy and powerful men - acting jobs and more. But when pressed, Anderson declines to specify which wild things in the book really happened to her. "I want to leave something to the imagination," she says. One noted similarity between Anderson and Star is their love of animals. New Yorkers can meet Pam the author when she comes to town for a book signing at the Rockefeller Center Barnes & Noble on Aug. com Site Tools Take advantage of services and tools that get you closer to the news. Subscribe to FOX News Alerts, or download our FNC Ringtones, Search Toolbar, Ticker and more.