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2019/07/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/7/6 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:31172 Activity:high
6/7     He reaches to the bottom of the barrel, scrapes, fishes, panders,
        Kerry selects Edwards as running mate.
        \_ I really didn't expect that.
           \_ I did.  Anything else would have been stupid.
        \_ Well, it could've been worse... and it could've been a lot better.
           \_ Curious, who do you think would have been better?
              \_ John McCain!
                 \_ Yeah right.  He didn't want it.  It would be political
                    suicide for him.
                 \_ I love how quickly GOP spin makes its way onto the motd.
        \_ Where's DrudgeGuy so we can mock him?
           \_ Mock away.  I'm here.  I posted insider speculation which was
              properly labeled as speculation.  There is nothing to mock.
        \_ People who think Edwards is scum:  Is there any reason other than
           that he was a personal injury lawyer?
           \_ It's not even that.  Repeat after me.  He's a deh moh craat.
           \_ He made his millions convincing juries that Cerebral Palsy can be
              caused by the OB.  It's schmucks like him that have been
              principle contributors to the mess of current health care
              insurance. -hates trial lawyers
              \_ Oh yeah. And pharma's massive direct ad campaigns have
                 nothing at all to do with it. Do the math. The lawsuits and
                 associated insurance costs are higher but they are a red
                 herring. Have you gotten through an evening of TV lately w.o
                 at least three ads for
              \_ Cf.
                 The first comment draws on CDC and CP Foundation to support
                 the idea that malpractice _can_ lead to CP.  As said there,
                 ambulance-chaser he may be, but quoting junk science he's not.
                 \_ Thanks for this link.  I still think Edwards is a slimeball
                    but I'll look into the CP issue more. -hates trial lawyers
              \_ OB/GYN?
              \_ Lawyers don't make things bad.  They don't make things good.
                 A good lawyer represents their client as well as they can.  If
                 the law is 'flawed' and they take advantage of that for their
                 client's benefit successfully then they are a good lawyer who
                 does their job right.
2019/07/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Business What type of ad will you see if your Weather Channel forecast calls for rain? Find out how TV advertisers can use regional conditions to make minute-by-minute advertising choices. Kerry Embraces Former Rival, Citing 'Courage and Conviction' By DAVID M HALBFINGER Published: July 6, 2004 P ITTSBURGH, July 6 - Senator John Kerry named John Edwards as his running mate on Tuesday, turning to a youthful North Carolina senator whose nimble campaign skills, engaging personality and evident appeal across different regions of the country had made him the top choice of many Democratic leaders. I have chosen a man who understands and defends the values of America,'' Mr Kerry told a roaring crowd at a morning rally at Market Square here, minutes after an announcement of his choice had been e-mailed to hundreds of thousands of supporters. A man who has shown courage and conviction as a champion for middle-class Americans and for those struggling to reach the middle class,'' Senator Kerry added, citing the themes that Mr Edwards had made his own in the Democratic primaries. After a surprisingly strong second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses - some Kerry aides say they believe Mr Edwards would have won had the caucuses occurred two days later - Mr Edwards held on until the first week of March as others once thought to have more star power, like Howard Dean and Gen. I was humbled by his offer and thrilled to accept it,'' Mr Edwards said in a statement before joining his wife and children to fly to Pittsburgh to spend the evening with the Kerry family at Teresa Heinz Kerry's estate near here. The Kerry campaign orchestrated the selection for maximum exposure, managing to keep it a secret across the holiday weekend, making both a traditional rally announcement as well as one by e-mail and delaying the ticket's first joint appearance until Wednesday. The two men and their wives are to embark Wednesday on a four-day tour through the swing states of Ohio, Florida, West Virginia and New Mexico before ending the week with a rally in North Carolina on Saturday. Democrats who hailed the selection on Tuesday said Mr Edwards's buoyant personality and drawling, sunny speaking style would bring a needed jolt of energy to Mr Kerry's ticket. They said he would provide a striking contrast to Vice President Dick Cheney, though Republicans countered that a debate between the two would be a face-off between sizzle and substance, particularly over the Iraq war, when Mr Edwards's relative lack of foreign policy experience would be an issue. Several Democrats also said that Mr Edwards's selection would put to rest questions that Mr Kerry, of Massachusetts, was writing off the South. Rather, they said, the addition of Mr Edwards - and his support from blacks, among other mainstay Democratic constituencies - would put North Carolina into play and bolster Mr Kerry's bid in other Southern states, improving his chances of outdoing the abysmal performance in the South of Al Gore, a native Tennessean, four years ago. The choice of Mr Edwards is also likely to have a powerful effect on the future of the party, giving a platform to a younger Democrat and setting up a potential leadership clash between Mr Edwards, as Mr Kerry's presumptive heir, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has ridden her husband's legacy to the Senate and is widely thought to have designs on the White House herself. Mr Edwards's background as a trial lawyer is certain to help Mr Kerry and the Democratic Party raise money heading into the fall campaign, but Republicans and industry officials said it also would propel business executives, manufacturers and other proponents of curbs on civil litigation and jury awards to increase contributions to President Bush. More immediately, the choice of Mr Edwards forced aides to Mr Kerry to try to reconcile his dismissal of Mr Edwards as unready for the presidency when the two men were vying in the Democratic primaries.
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The Globe cited an example of Edwards' oratorical skills from a medical malpractice trial in 1985. Edwards had alleged that a doctor and a hospital had been responsible for the cerebral palsy afflicting then-five-year-old Jennifer Campbell. Edwards also settled with Jennifer's obstetrician for $15 million. Almost every medical professional agrees that Cerebral Palsy is a genetic disorder and that nothing a doctor does during a pregnancy has anything to do with it. It's people like this that are responsible for the high cost of health insurance. From the CDC: "Cerebral palsy is caused by brain damage that affects a child's ability to control his or her muscles. The part of the brain that is damaged determines what parts of the body are affected. Some causes affect how the child's brain develops during the first 6 months of pregnancy. These causes include genetic conditions and problems with the blood supply to the brain. Other causes of cerebral palsy happen after the brain has developed. These causes can occur during later pregnancy, delivery, or the first years of the child's life. They include bacterial meningitis and other infections, bleeding in the brain, lack of oxygen, severe jaundice, and head injury." From the CP Foundation: "Is cerebral palsy a disease or a genetic disorder? Cerebral palsy is neither a disease nor a genetic disorder. Cerebral palsy is a condition with many possible causes, such as birth trauma or brain injury, but it is not contagious or inherited." So, given that, I have a hard time swallowing, "every medical professional agrees that Cerebral Palsy is a genetic disorder and that nothing a doctor does during a pregnancy has anything to do with it." In my particular case, the umbilical cord ended up wrapped around me for a period of time which deprived my brain of oxygen. No one knew I had CP until my walking development was way behind schedule, but once it was discovered, pinpointing the issue was easy for the doctors. Edwards may be a sleazy two-bit ambulance chaser, but a quack quoting junk science he's not. Look for the TB a little later when I'm able to focus on something for a little longer than 30 seconds at a time. The more I read the article, the more it looks like a thinly-veiled slam on Edwards. I don't even like Edwards but this thing's hideous on so many levels.