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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/6/4-6 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:30616 Activity:moderate
6/4     M$ Japan cancels development of True Fantasy Live Online: (Wired)
        Rumor has it that the game featured a virtual version of Windows
        that never crashed and was invulnerable to malware, but testers
        refused the scenario as simply too unrealistic.
         \_ speaking of which:  my XP laptop crashes everytime it tries
           to access the CDrom after it has been running for a while.
           (so, i can restart and use the cd/dvd but if i've had it on
            for a while already and try, it is sure to crash).  It seems
            to happen whenever it spins up, even though i have disabled
            autoplay.  Any suggestions besides getting real os?
            \_ you could try booting knoppix to see if it works there.
               check out the ide controller settings. does it just lock up?
                \_ yeah, locks up, can't move mouse curser, suck.
            \_ heat problem?
               \_ why the correlation witht the DVD player?
                  \_ CD drives get really hot when they spin up.  Try using
                     the CD for a while, and then feel that part of the case.
                  \_ I was only guessing it is heat but it is kind of weird
                     that rebooting will 'fix' it.  If I'm right then it's
                     something weird like the heat causes some bits of on-board
                     cache or other non-ROM to get corrupted and rebooting
                     flushes/reloads that memory.  If it isn't heat, then it
                     is some driver bug with a memory leak that is corrupting
                     it's own memory space and maybe whatever else it can get
                     to nearby in the kernel.  I don't remember what execution
                     layer things like cd drivers run at in windows.  I
                     consider forgetting things like that a sign of good
                     mental health.
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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MSFT) said that although it had hoped to release the game this winter in Japan, development had not progressed to the point that it could offer an "original" online gaming experience. With many in the industry speculating that Microsoft is gearing up to release its next-generation Xbox console as early as 2005, it is possible that the release of True Fantasy Live Online, in development for over two years, would have come too late in the Xbox's lifecycle to justify the expense of maintaining an online RPG world. The news comes as a blow to Japanese Xbox owners, as True Fantasy Live Online was the most anticipated Xbox Live title in that region. Developed by Level 5, whose credits include the Dark Cloud series for Sony and the upcoming Dragon Quest VIII for Square Enix, the MMORPG stood out from other games in the genre due to its cel-shaded world reminiscent of Japanese animation. Live-enabled offerings for Japanese Xbox owners remain few and far between in a country where first-person shooters like Halo are unpopular. Dead or Alive Online, was pushed back from its original March release date to an unspecified date later this year. The world's largest maker of chip lithography machines, which map out electronic circuits on silicon wafers, will probably decide early next month, and may make an announcement in its semiannual results statement, sources close to ASML said. ASML, which has only said that it is studying options to enter the LCD stepper market, declined to comment. HMC) is demanding more than 17 million yuan ($2 million) in compensation and legal fees from Chongqing Lifan Industry Group, which is based in the southern municipality of Chongqing, the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported. It alleges that the SOR logo used by Lifan on its motorcycles looks too similar to an SCR logo registered by Honda as its trademark in 1999. The investigations have forced 15 other executives to leave the company in recent months. CA) said Kumar, who had taken the title of chief software architect in April when he resigned as chairman and chief executive, agreed to end all business involvement with the company as it seeks to resolve the government probe. End of story Send e-mail icon Have a comment on this article? Terms & Conditions Note: You are reading this message either because you can not see our css files (served from Akamai for performance reasons), or because you do not have a standards-compliant browser.