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2018/10/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/6/1-2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30530 Activity:insanely high
6/1     Why the hell did I pick this major? No girls!! No girls!!
        \_ You want chicks? Transfer to univ. of south carolina or UF or
           someplace in the south and get yer dumb trophy wife wannabee.
           Don't worry, she's only there for her MRS degree.-lior
        \_ I'm sure the people in english or psych are thinking "Why
           the hell did I pick this major? No jobs!! No jobs!!"
           \_ You mean english, psych, eecs, or cs.
           \_ Not to start a flamewar, but teachers are getting hired at a
              prodigious rate now.  But trust me, having a lot grrls in
              your major is no guarantee-- and when they discover Virginia
              Woolf, well, a guy's chances dwindle rapidly.
              \-who's afraid of virginia woolf? --psb
                \_ Any guy with a healthy libido and an eye on a female
                   English Major.
              \_ hahahha fucking the ultra feminist wanna-be dykes was *the*
                 best part of being in college.  the only thing I miss about
                 being married is no longer watching dykes suck my cock right
                 after they spout off whatever garbage some prof/ta put in
                 their head that afternoon.
                 best part of being in college.  the only thing I miss about it
                 being married now is no longer watching dykes suck my cock
                 right after they spout off whatever garbage some prof/ta
                 put in their head that afternoon.
                 \_ Why do you hate women?
        \_ if you can't meet people outside of your major you don't
           deserve to get laid
        \_ ratio was close to 50/50 about 10 yrs back.
           \_ It's not about numbers, but quality. That aside, I only met
              one girl in my major and one in a related major. The rest of
              the girls I met weren't in my major at all but lived in my
              dorm/co-op or were friends of people I met.
        \_ not everyone sees this as a disadvantage
           \_ I never did.  Girls are just another distraction when I'm
              working.  Girls are for not working time.  Down hormones!
              \_ now or never.  it'll never be the same once you leave school.
                 find the time to get laid.
        \_ Don't you have to take at least some classes outside of your major?
           I suggest to join some student group (other than CSUA) if you
           want to meet new people.
        \_ I met exactly zero girls in my major.  I mean *zero*.  I mean not
           met as in I didn't even get a name.  I went to bed with some chick
           almost every night my entire college career.  How?  I talked to
           girls.  Every girl I saw that I was attracted to, I walked up and
           said hi.  Berkeley girls are easy.  If you're not getting laid in
           \_ That might be so, but I find it even easier to meet women
              in my 30s.
              \_ What do you do such that you meet so many young women?
                 The women are as willing as always, but so many are
                 married by that time that the odds are small. I hear it
                 gets better after 40 when women start to think they are
                 old and fat, even when they aren't.
                 \_ I am a dotcommie, I live in San Francisco, I go to
                    parties. I hated Silicon Valley, mostly because of
                    crappy ratio.
2018/10/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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