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2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/5/3-4 [Computer/Rants, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:29959 Activity:very high
5/3     The new $50 bill:
        \_ Who uses $50s?  I thought $100s were the drug dealer cash of
           \_ $100s for the middle men on up, $20s for the street trash.
              \_ Middle men and higher use $20's becuase everyone gets paid by
                 the lower tier.
                 \_ Gotta change them into $100s though.  The US $100 has long
                    been a currency of choice for international crime and
                    terrorism of all kinds, because of its decent cash/weight
                    ratio.  I'd hate to take a million dollars worth of $20
                    over the border in a suitcase (well, several suitcases).
                    \_ People moving pounds of weed use $20's.  I'd say for MJ
                       that is top-tier.
                    \_ I've heard the 100 Euro note is taking over due to
                       inflation (internationally)
                       \_ There is also a 500 Euro note.
                       \_ What about the 500 Euro note?
                          Why does the AMC keep deleting this comment?
                          Jesus Fuck, you can't even make an innocuous comment
                          anymore without some asswipe taking offense.
                          \_ Innocuous comments get deleted by people who don't
                             use motdedit squishing changes, or people using
                             motdedit squishing changes of people without a
                             file lock.
                             \_ they also get deleted when the whole motd is
                                deleted, then restored by someone with a stale
                          \_ What will Warren Buffet say about this?
2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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        \- you know the landmine issue is more complicated than you and
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Training & Education 22 International Training & Education 23 Youth Education 24 Materials to Download & Order 25 Additional Resources The New Currency About the New $50 Notes Confidence. That's what the American dollar stands for, around the world. The government introduced a new $20 note design in 2003 and will continue with other denominations. A new $50 note will be introduced in late September or early October, followed later by a new $100 note. Decisions on new designs for the $5 and $10 notes are still under consideration, but a redesign of the $2 and $1 notes is not planned. The new bills will remain the same size and will use the same, but enhanced, portraits and historical images. Above all, the world will continue to recognize the new money as quintessentially American. A comprehensive public education program which was launched with the introduction of the new $20 note will continue with the introduction of the $50 note. These efforts focused on communicating key security and design features of the new designs so that the public will recognize the new currency and check it to ensure genuine. This program boosted public awareness of the new $20 note's features from 73 to 85 percent, and representatives of major banks credit public education with a smooth introduction of the new $20 note. Security Features The new $50 notes will be safer, smarter and more secure: safer because they're harder to fake and easier to check; Because security features are difficult for counterfeiters to reproduce well, they often do not try, hoping that cash-handlers and the public will not check their money. The watermark is part of the paper itself and it can be seen from both sides of the note. Security Thread: Hold the bill up to the light and look for the security thread, or plastic strip, that is embedded in the paper and runs vertically to the right of the portrait. If you look closely, the words "USA 50" and a small flag are visible along the thread from both sides of the note. In the newly redesigned $50 note, the security thread is slightly wider than it has been on previous notes to make it easier for the public to read the words printed on it and verify the authenticity of the note. For the $50 note this thread glows yellow when held under an ultraviolet light. When you tilt the note up and down, the color-shifting ink changes from copper to green. The color shift is more dramatic in the newly redesigned notes, making it even easier for people to check their money. The redesigned $50 note features microprinting on the face of the note in three areas: the words "FIFTY," "USA," and the numeral "50" can be found in two of the blue stars to the left of the portrait; A letter and number beneath the left serial number identifies the issuing Federal Reserve Bank. On the new $50 note, the left serial number has shifted slightly to the right, compared with previous designs. Not only will many of these design updates add complexity to the note and make counterfeiting more difficult, other features will help the public, particularly those who are visually impaired, to tell denominations apart. The traditional stars and stripes of the United States flag are printed in blue and red behind the portrait of President Grant. A field of blue stars is located to the left of the portrait, while three red stripes are located to the right of the portrait. A small metallic silver-blue star is located on the lower right side of the portrait. The symbols of freedom will differ for each denomination. Color: The most noticeable difference in the newly designed $50 note is the addition of subtle background colors of blue and red to both sides of the note. Also, small yellow 50s have been printed in the background on the back of the note. Different background colors will be used for the different denominations. The portrait has been moved up and shoulders have been extended into the border. Additional engraving details have been added to the vignette background. A Smooth Transition More than 150,000 contacts were made with representatives of the cash-handling industry to help them to prepare for the new $20 notes issued in 2003. Work is already well underway to prepare them for the new $50 note, and outreach has been extended to manufacturers of self-service checkout counters, which are becoming increasingly prevalent at retail locations. Both the new notes and the older-design notes will continue to be legal currency at full face value. View, download or print $50 glossy images of the new notes: 37 > Bill Front 38 > Bill Back 39 View, download or print images of security features of new $50 notes.