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2018/11/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/12/23 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:29730 Activity:high
12/22   Urination question.  I walked into the men's room today and saw a
        guy using the urinal with his hands on his hips.  He was peeing
        "hands-free".  WTF?  I've never seen this.  Everybody is holding
        it.  Anybody else pee like this?  Thanks.
        \_ This RULES!!!!! we need more threads like this!!
           can someone dig up the ASCII graphic of pissing from the last
           time we had a thread like this?
           \_ What are you, fucking 10?  Urination is funny?  Moron.
        \_ What's so strange about it? I don't do it personally, but it's not
           like you really have to aim.
        \_ I only do it when I'm dead tired.  But never at a public restroom.
           \_ you have a urinal in your home?
              \_ I once looked at some new home in Mississippi, and they do
                 have urinals in the bathroom!  Never seen it before.  And the
                 agent acted like there's nothing special.
        \_ Btw was there some discussion a while back about the optimal way
           to avoid urinal splashback? I missed that. Please share your tips.
           \_ That was me.  Aim obliquely at a sidewall instead of straight
              at the center wall.  But it doesn't work if the center wall is
              too wide such that the side walls are too far away.  I didn't
              save my ASCII graphics.
        \_ There are several things wrong with it.  First, it's just looks
           unnatural.  I noticed it because it looks so strange.  Second,
           the fly has metal teeth.  If you don't hold your penis it rests
           on the fly teeth and can be uncomfortable.  Third, don't you need
           \_ Maybe he's larger than you, and this is not a problem.
           or want to control the aim?  Sometimes there's pubic hair or other
           junk in the urinal and I try to flush it down with my urine.
           \_ Nice public service.
        \_ Don't forget the "Russian Drunk": Leaning into the wall, one arm
           above urinal for support, one arm hanging, typically while mumbling
           or singing into said urinal with head down.
           \_ Eel.  Who'd want to touch a urinal?