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2003/12/1 [Uncategorized] UID:29677 Activity:moderate
12/1    \_ you seem to be implying that there's some
           sort of punishment here for gay people.
           hetero anal sex fetishists are just as
           unhealthy in terms of likelihood of
           spreading disease.
           \_ Just for completeness, anal sex isn't really a "fetish"
              \_ Ok, you're right. -!op who made the poo comment
                 \_ sure it is, if you really really like it and always
                    want to have anal sex instead of anything else.
                    notice i'm not talking here about your typical
                    "let's try it this way" sort of guy. -op
              \_ Is hot gay sex a fetish?
           \_ However, receptive anal sex occurs with both partners.  In a
              straight couple the woman has a higher risk for infection and if
              she has e.g. HIV then in a later relationship it is unlikely for
              her to transmit it to a male partner.  Not so for homosexual men.
              \_ I'm going to go out on a limb here:  How do you know that
                 all homosexual men are in reciprocal anal sex relationships?
                 Some guys like to give but not receive and some the other
                 way around.