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2018/08/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/11/6 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Health/Women] UID:29619 Activity:nil
11/6    Fox asks health care, education, protection for Mexican migrants
        The president of Mexico called Wednesday for improved
        treatment of Mexicans who enter the United States, including
        better health care and education and respect for the human
        rights of migrants...
        "We must work together so that they can have health insurance,"
2018/08/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Just let us know which one of your credit cards or accounts you want us to charge it to and we'll do it. That SOB needs to start respecting our borders and stop sending his undesirables and exporting his poverty to America and expecting us to welcome the border intruders with open arms. This crap has got to stop and no quarter should be given to that bastard Fox. This SOB Fox wants the US to finance and subsidize his corrupt ass, by providing the services that his sh#t gov't ought to. Fox is smart, his version of ethnic cleansing is lining his pockets but not killing people, so he doesn't care. That is the best bottom-line statement on this whole issue I've ever read. Even at charity clinics, I'd bet they get better health care than most people in Mexico. This can't go on," said attorney Adriana Carmona, member of the local "Stop the Impunity" campaign. More than 300 non-governmental groups in Mexico are participating in the effort to halt the long chain of apparently related murders. As in previous cases, the police authorities have promised to conduct in-depth investigations into the killings, while human rights groups and families of the victims decry the continued failure to solve these crimes. The matter of the ongoing murders of women in Ciudad Juarezhas been taken up in recent years by legislative commissions, foreign experts, and international organizations like the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR). But in spite of the arrests of several suspects, bodies continue to be found, and most are women between the ages of 15 and 30. In December, UNIFEM director Noeleen Heyzer demanded that the Vicente Fox government take immediate action to halt the killings to prove that Mexico complies with international conventions to protect the rights of women. Most of the victims' bodies have been found in outlying areas of the city and usually bear signs of torture and rape. In some cases they have been burned, and many have had their nipples bitten off. The murder victims have been found "semi-nude, their panties twisted around their ankles, mouth open in a scream, eyes protruding. The body language of the girls reflects the atrocious suffering to which they were subjected," wrote noted Mexican author Elena Poniatowska in a description of the Ciudad Juarez killings. The murdered women have mostly been workers at Ciudad Juarez's maquiladoras, which operate in tax-free zones producing for-export goods using foreign materials. At least 250,000 women work in the city's maquiladoras and most are young and single, earning just a few dollars a day. Many of the 300 victims have disappeared on the way to or from work. UNIFEM's Heyzer points to the maquiladora labor policies, including night shifts and locking out of late employees, saying these rules leave the women of Ciudad Juarez vulnerable. Raul Jiminez, of the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM), charges that the authorities of Chihuahua state, where Ciudad Juarez is located, and the Fox administration are "accomplices" to the murders due to their ineptitude in solving the crimes. Federal officials say they, too, are frustrated by the continued murders, but point out that the police investigations and efforts to catch the killers are under the jurisdiction of Chihuahua state. In 1995, Egyptian national Abdel Latif Sharif was arrested for allegedly committing five of the 300 murders of women in Ciudad Juarez. The local authorities assured the public at the time that the serial killing would stop. But more women became victims under the same circumstances. The police then suggested that Sharif, behind bars, had hired a gang to continue the killings. Nevertheless, the murders of Ciudad Juarez women continue. A wide range of theories has emerged about who could be behind the murders. Possibilities that have been suggested include the drug mafia, networks that traffic in human organs, a psychopath living in the United States who crosses the border to kill, and even a satanic cult that hates young women. And some criminal experts believe the perpetrators' objective could be to videotape the crimes and sell the tapes as "snuff," or death, films. Ciudad Juarez is home to 500 gangs of youth delinquents. In the maquiladoras, women make up the vast majority of the labor force. The "Stop the impunity: not one more death" campaign presented the Ciudad Juarez case before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, which is part of the Organization of American States legal system. In 2001, the IACHR sent special rapporteur Marta Altolaguirre to the Mexican border city to investigate. Altolaguirre said she was shocked by the murders and stressed that the federal government must take action to resolve the cases and bring those responsible to justice. Stop the Impunity spokespersons said the IACHR could issue an official recommendation to the Fox government on the case as soon as next week. The 3 percent rise in the foreign-born population came after an increase of 2 percent, or 700,000, the previous year, according to the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies. Camarota estimated that roughly half of the new arrivals the past year likely entered the country illegally, a rate similar to previous years. We don't owe anything, including respect to people who come into our country illegally. This article has me so totally flabbergasted, it's as if we've been replaced by a parallel universe where the most outrageous statements such as those made by Vincente Fox are allowed to remain unchallenged. Fox does not acknowledge that the Mexican migrants are illegal. In fact, the corrupt government of Mexico has a policy of forcing their unwanted people here. The mainstream of both Parties are TRAITORS on this issue! Fox is virtually a co-President of the United States of America. Only if yet unknown events lead to war with Mexico will it change. A more balanced approach is to view the consequences of illegal immigration since 1950 as a ruler by which to measure the future. Consider that illegal immigration has increased dramatically since the mid 1980's and you start to get a glimpse of the effect of illegal immigration on the US by 2050. The US simply can't absorb, employ or care for the quantity of people that Mexico is actively encourging to emmigrate when the generational effects are considered. The us would be wise to use force to change Mexico's policies. I have never heard of a country's president going to another country and demanding they do what he failed to do for his own citizenry: Jobs, healthcare, civil rights. You know, they've fully decided we're a bunch of easy mark loonies to be as brazen as they are today. Since we end up providing them with all of this anyway, we'll just send you a weekly bill for all future services rendered. Oh, and you need to repay us about $20 billion for our past largesse before we talk further -- or even let you leave the US without working for a few years in our Congressional dining rooms and VA hospitals. Only American currency, gold, or oil will be accepted as payment. How about YOU improve YOUR treatment of Mexicans who remain in Mexico? And we know that human rights will interfere with your government's corruption, but it might be something to try. If I need to get attention, I walk in and pay for it accordingly. I was born in the USA, have worked in the USA all my life, since age 15, and am about to turn 64. Where do these "leaders" of other countries get off thinking I whould provide one red cent of health care to someone who wasn't born here, has most likely come here illegally, and is a large part of the burden of California and their deficit? It's nice to show compassion, but I will be compassionate with myself first, thank you. Call me anything you want- I have had it with the constant guilt trip about "someone who has less than I have" needing to tap my assets and resources to have something more. I worked for everything I have, and I will not be guilted into giving these people ANYTHING. Perot was wrong the giant sucking sound you hear is not jobs leaving this country it...