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2019/05/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/6/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28718 Activity:nil
6/12    Does your GF or wife fart out loud in your presence?  (mine does!)
        yes: ...
        GF?  Wife?  What's that?: .
        \_ My GF doesn't ever fart.  Or shit.  Ever few months she has to
           pee which is disgusting enough.  Women need to be taught that
           bodily functions are for animals.
        \_ My friend says girls don't fart -- they "poof."
           \_ It's the "vapors."
        \_ my gf just craps through her mouth
2019/05/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2010/2/9-3/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53698 Activity:nil
2/9     Monogamy is a form of sexual optimization
           What do women want? The guy that the other women want, it turns out.
2009/12/9-2010/1/13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53587 Activity:nil
        Body painted women. May not be SFW if you look at it closely.
        I'm surprised that they're all pretty small cupped women.
        \_ must be annoying for big boobed women to play a sport w/o a bra.
           \_ in sports in general, having big boob is a big liability
              \_ My gf is a dancer with a C-cup bust and she hates it. She said
2009/4/4-12 [Recreation/Media] UID:52798 Activity:moderate
4/4     I hate Raiders of the Lost Ark (original). I like adventure movies,
        Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, history, archaeology, and the Bible,
        but the movie vacillates between stupid and boring to me. Anyone else
        feel the same way? My gf told me "*YOU* of ALL PEOPLE don't like it?"
        \- Raiders doesnt aspire to great heights, but for what it is, it is
           almost perfect.
2009/3/26-4/2 [Recreation/Dating, Transportation/Airplane] UID:52756 Activity:moderate
3/26    I've never been to Hawaii before, but I just booked a flight to
        Kauai for me and my gf (who has been to Oahu). I'd like some
        travel advice. Which side of the island to stay on, what not to
        miss, etc.
        \_ There's not a huge amount of choice as to "where to stay",
           it's a small island.  Shell out the $$$$ for a helicopter
2008/9/20-23 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Security] UID:51244 Activity:kinda low
9/20    Etiquette question: my gf's boss invited her to his son's bar-mitzvah.
        What is a proper attire to wear for non Jewish women? Black & white
        only? Long sleeves only? Can you have color? Can you take
        pictures? Thanks.
        \_ Ok my gf just wore long dress. Turns out they had a super fancy
           one with 200 people attending. They spent ~$30K on a bar-mitzvah.
2008/5/14-16 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:49940 Activity:moderate
5/13    Cuddy Schoolgirl Pole Dance easily earns an A+. HDTV, you are my
        \_ URL?
           \_ Watch this season's House.  It's pretty funny.
           \_ Not exactly SFW.
              \_ Odds of my wife look like that at 40 == poor.
2008/2/25-29 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/GradSchool] UID:49249 Activity:nil
2/25    The Campus Rape Myth
        \_ My girlfriend was raped while in college at a conservative
           school in Missouri.  The perpetrator was a guy she knew who
           was friends with friends of hers.  He went on to rape two
           other students there before being reported and caught.
2008/2/15-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49155 Activity:nil
2/15    What is it about OJ Simpson and white women?
        \_ What did he do this time?  URL please?
           \_ His white blond gf who btw has some resemblence with his
              x-wife has head injuries which he claims to be self inflicted.
        \_ White women have too high of an expectation on his black manhood,
           and don't know to hide their disappointment.
2007/11/8-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48581 Activity:low
11/8    hot 22 year old thing didn't work, but she did make me a nice dinner.
        \_ Dude, if she's cooking for you then you're in the game
           \_ I hate you.  You are getting my hopes up.  I was going to curl
              up with a nice book on UML all weekend.
              \_ I prefer wget over curl.
        \_ What do you mean it didn't work? Did you make a pass at her or
2007/10/23-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48418 Activity:high
10/22   Question:  I'm over 30.  I was out with my girlfriend over the weekend
        and I met this hot 22 year old.  I tried really hard to not flirt
        with her, in deference to the fact my girlfriend was standing right
        there.  She and her hot 21 year old roommate were shamelessly flirting
        with me.  They gave their email addresses to my girlfriend.   When
        my girlfriend was asleep not having sex with me, I carefully copied
2007/10/14-17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48309 Activity:kinda low
10/13   I'm not getting laid. How about you guys? Married guys and guys
        with gf's need not respond.               -not getting laid #3
        \_ I'm married and I'm not getting laid either.
           \_ Why not? Curious minds would like to know. How many years
              have you been married? Kids?
        \_ Doing just fine. -!tom