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2003/4/14-15 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:28120 Activity:kinda low 50%like:10063
4/14    Will Kyle Boller have a good NFL career?
        \_ No. He's not better than Pat Barnes (who wasn't that great to
           begin with), and look where Barnes is now (nowhere).
        \_ QB's are hard to predict; I thought Barnes was a sure-fire
           winner, and also Ryan Leaf, and we know how that worked out.
           However, it is worth noting that Boller has significantly raised
           his stock in the NFL combines, while Barnes' stock dropped.
           Boller was originally projected as a late-round selection and
           now most sites have him going in the first round.  He's tall,
           mobile and has an astounding arm (at the combine he threw a
           ball through the uprights from midfield, while on one knee).
           He will definitely get a chance.  -tom
           \_ strong arms aren't everything these days.  mobility seems to
              more important.  teams are spreading the field, and not
              putting enough blockers for the QB, and so the QB has to
              \_ yes, but that's why his stock is rising; he ran a 4.6
                 at the combine, the fastest time for a pure QB.  -tom
                 \_ hope he has a good NFL Career. Was Jim Plunkett ex-Cal?
                    \_ hardly: he was ex-Stanford.  -tom
                        \_ Stanford QBs seem to have greater prominence in
                           the NFL: Elway and Plunkett, for example.
                           \_ Yeah, but we have the best tight-end (Gonzalez)
                              and kick returner (O'Neal) in the game
                                \_ we also have a number of pro-bowl
                                   linemen.  In fact, Cal is one of the
                                   top schools in the country in terms of
                                   number of players in the pros.  -tom
                What about Pac-10 as a whole?  Looks like Miami*/Florida*/
                Ohio State have large number of top NFL players.
                \_ This factoid just seems to prove how bad our coaching
                   is. Great players, lousy record. What else coudl it be?
                   \_ Cal has rarely had depth to recover from injuries.
        \_ Who's the last Cal QB with a significant NFL career?  Joe Kapp?
           \_ Craig Morton.  -tom
        \_ QB rankings in draft:
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2009/12/26-2010/2/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:53605 Activity:kinda low
12/26   Mail is being retired, but will mail still be forwarded if we have
        a .forward? Also, _why_ is mail being retired?
        \_ one more yreason i only hire stanford grads from now on
           \_ Like you have any real hiring decision power.
        \_ don't recall seeing a discussion on this.  it would be nice if mail
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        what "topic formulation" might mean in this context?  I come with
        funding from work, but the topics I can choose are somewhat limited.
        Could be a reference to that...
2009/8/12-9/1 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:53266 Activity:kinda low
8/10    Check this out. I went to Google Maps, typed in Pasadena then Animal Shelter.
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        \_ Learn to format properly. Caltech doesn't really have fraternities,
           they have "houses" which are sort of like dorms, co-ops and frats
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