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2021/10/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/3/20-21 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:27770 Activity:insanely high
3/20    How did we manage to miss Hussein despite a rain of 3 dozens missles
        and then a 2000lb bomb over his head?
        \_ 1) who said he's alive? 2) because it took hours from the time
           the decision was made to the time they could get anything in the
           air and then it had to get there.  if he's alive he might not even
           have still been there, if he was there at all, when the missiles
           were launched.
        \_ Body Double. He wasn't really where we thought he was. Just a
        \_ As has been said over and over.  Bombs are good at destroying
           equipment or fortifications, they really aren't that good at i
           killing poeple.  That is why you can't take a city by bombing it
           unless you are willing to pull a Dresden on it.
           \_ Hey, you are implying what we pulled on Dresen is wrong,
                that is not cool.  We need to support our troops.
           \_ Bombing is great at killing people, it's just difficult to
              target a specific person. You're confusing statistics vs.
              \_ Not really. How many tons of bombs were dropped/casualty
                 in the London Blitz? During the bombing of North Vietnam?
                 In Serbia? Bombing from the air is only really good at
                 terrorizing a population.
                 \_ Civilians weren't the targets in those.  The Blitz was more
                    PR than anything else.
                 \_ Well, no.  Bombing is GREAT at taking out specific
                    hardened targets, scattering large troop concentrations
                    (ie, hindering organized ground operations), and
                    suppression of enemy troop movement.  As a method of
                    wiping out a population, then yeah -- it's nearly useless.
                    But saying bombing is 'only really good at terrorizing...'
                    is just outright wrong.                  -mice
                    \_ And bridges, fuel depots, ammo dumps, runways, etc....
                 \_ Last time I checked, we managed to kill roughly 300k
                    in Tokyo.  We managed to kill another 300k more
                    in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  I tend to think bomb are
                    great at killing people, as we have done so well in
                    in the past.  (though Japanese managed to did the same,
                    without using bombs).
        \_ Where would Saddam be sleeping at the end of the 48hr deadline?
           In one of his buddy's basements next to the washing machine?
           How about ... something designed to resist bunker buster
           munitions, since he's had all since 1991 to prepare for it ...
           \_ Maybe he's already out of the country after undergoing heavy
              plastic surgery. He's probably enjoying Spring Break in Cancun
              alongside Bin Laden doing Girls Gone Wild videos witn Snoop.
              \_I think I agree with u.
                \_ All he'd have to do is trim his mustache.
           Nukes, now -- that's a different story!
           \_ YEAH!!  FU|< TH0Z3 S4NDNIGG3R T0W31H34D B4574RDZ!!!!  IF
              7H3Y'R3 4LL D34D, W3 G37 4LL 7H3 01L!!!1!
              \_ Yeah it's all about oil.  Oil we easily could have bought for
                 less money and hassle than the cost of a war.  Makes sense.
                 It's all about oil.  I understand that now.  Gore'04!
2021/10/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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