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2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/3/3-4 [Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:27586 Activity:very high
3/2     Is there a site that specialized in back issue magazines?  I tried
        searching on Ebay but can't find it.  No, I'm not looking for porn
        I'm looking for an old issue of Worth magazine about land owners in
        the U.S.  Thanks.
        \_ I recommend the library for non porn.
        \_ Lemme know if you find out.  I'm looking for a Playboy or something,
           which my HS spanish teacher was allegedly in.
           \_ What year?  I've got 1965 or so until 1985 or so.  What's her
              \_ Are there any CSUAers who went to high school in 1985?
                 \_ psb.
              \_ Yes, tell us. I find the idea of your HS Spanish teacher
                 posing nude to be really hot. --aaron
                 \_ But she's probably not asian.
                    \_ Funny, Alberto Fujimori is asian and speaks
                       Spanish, but then, no one would want him to
                       pose for Playboy.
              \_ Just google her name. You'll find the truth then...
        \_ if you are just looking for an article or articles, there are
           many search engines for this type of thing... check the ucb
           library website
        \_ I'm looking to BUY the back issues.  This is not the only one
           I'm looking for.  Library or just getting the article won't work
           for me.  I'd think the ebay would have it.  Apparently not.
           This is a niche market waiting for some dropout to go after!
           \_ Not really. Shelf time for most magazines can be counted in
              months not years. If you want back issues, check with the
              publishers or the magazine themselves directly. You may be
              paying a slight premimum, but it's not much.
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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