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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/2/21-22 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:27478 Activity:nil
2/20    Do BNO passport holders need a visa to visit Japan for short-term?  The
        web site only says British passport holders are exempted.  I tried
        called the Consulate but it's closed.  Thanks.  (Yeah I can wait till
        \_ yes.
        \_ BNO officially means second class.  It is all insult no benefit.
        \_ Just curious, what is "BNO"?
           \_ British National Overseas
              \_ Thanks.
        \_ I called the consulate: (415) 777-3533.  The answer is yes.
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2013/8/5-9/14 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:54724 Activity:nil
8/5     "Communist Party makes a comeback ... in Japan"
        \_ They never went away in Japan. When I lived there, the MP from my city
           was a Communist (back in the early 90s). --erikred
        \_ They never went away in Japan. When I lived there, the MP from my
           city was a Communist (back in the early 90s). --erikred
2012/7/25-10/17 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:54444 Activity:nil
        Japan rules!
        \_ Fifteen years ago I worked there for seven months.  I miss Japan!
           (I'm Chinese immigrant.)  More facts:
           - Besides cold drinks, vending machines also carry hot drinks like
             hot tea and corn soup.  And they are actually hot instead of warm.
2012/7/21-9/24 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:54440 Activity:nil
        This week's food for thought, brought to you by People's
        Republic of Berkeley: Did you know that many US pilots defected to
        communist Cuba?  South Korea pilots defected to communist
        North Korea? Iran<->Iraq pilots defected to each other?
        W Germany pilots defected to E Germany? Taiwan/ROC pilots
2011/2/16-4/20 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:54041 Activity:nil
2/16    "Iraqi: I'm proud my WMD lies led to war in Iraq" (
        \_ Duh.  the best thing that could ever happen to a country is
           the US declaring war on it.  cf: japan, germany, and now iraq.
           the US winning a war with it.  cf: japan, germany, and now iraq.
2010/8/29-9/30 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:53942 Activity:kinda low
8/29    OC turning liberal, maybe there is hope for CA afterall:
        \_ and the state is slowly turning conservative. Meg 2010!
           \_ We will see. Seems unlikely.
        \_ Yeah, because CA sure has a problem with not enough dems in power!
           If only dems had been running the state for the last 40 years!
2010/2/4-3/4 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Computer/Rants] UID:53692 Activity:nil
2/4     Don't be evil.  Unless it's with China, or doubleclick, or the NSA...
        \_ Google on the China deal: "We're not being evil because
             we'll do a better job providing information to the
             Chinese than any other company."
           Google on getting out of the China deal: "We're not
             evil because we're cutting our losses in China
2009/12/6-26 [Science, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:53570 Activity:nil
12/5    If Harry Potter is rewritten in a modern style using science
        instead magic, and using real people and references instead of
        fiction, what could it include? I'll start:
        -Slytherin Pureblood = Nazi Ayran
        -Muggle = melting pot
        -Dobby = Black slavery, illiterate
2008/1/24-2/2 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:49007 Activity:high
1/23    Some people want to end birthright citizenship and instead require
        a parent to be a citizen for the baby to automatically be a citizen.
        Most other countries require this.
        Does anyone here think that's a bad idea? If so, why?
        \_ It's a great idea but will not gain traction because a Day
           Without Mexicans will be devastating to the entire economy
2007/12/29-2008/1/4 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:48864 Activity:high
12/29   Is Kristol a hypocrite or the NYT selling out? Or both? Or visa versa?
        \_ Or maybe they both recognize the value of including opposition
           voices. -dans
        \_ I find it amusing that you would call the NYT a sellout for
           printing a conservative in the oped pages.  What next?  Having the
2007/10/10-14 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:48286 Activity:high
10/10   Two suggestions for elections: 1) Voter lottery: each person who
        votes gets entered in a $10M lottery. 2) Electoral points: each voter
        gets to allocate a pool of "electoral points" to whichever candidates
        he or she prefers; say six "electoral points," so as to allow pyramid-
        ical ranking of 1, 2, and 3. Thoughts?
        \_ Obviously, voting is too difficult of a job that the average
2007/9/13-14 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:48046 Activity:high
9/13    Since we invaded Iraq, there are more than 2million refugees fled
        the country.  My questions to you all are:
        1. do you think we the Americans has a moral obgligation for taken
        care of by settling them in US?
        2. if you don't like the idea of allowing them settle in US, would
        you think we have the moral obgligation to pay countries who do?
2007/8/6-22 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:47538 Activity:nil
8/5     How the HB1B Visa program really works:
        \_ "H-1B"
        \_ Common knowledge. So what are you gonna do?
        \_ Is this a hoax?
2007/2/23-26 [Finance/CC, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:45807 Activity:nil
2/23    B of A starts offering credit cards to people w/o SSN:
        That's strange.  My dad got a B of A credit card in 1980 when he
        didn't have an SSN and was on a work visa in the Bay Area.  Today he
        still doesn't have an SSN and is still using the card overseas
2006/9/5-7 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:44276 Activity:nil
9/5     "Entrant"?  What's that supposed to mean?
        \_ I don't think I'm going out on a limb here: entrant, n.,
           one who enters.
        \_ This is actually kind of interesting, as my uncle's wife's mother
           recently got permission to enter the US from Mexico to visit her
2009/5/26-30 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53044 Activity:kinda low
5/26    Is it correct to call someone the daughter of Puerto Rican
        "immigrants"? Seems wrong to me. Puerto Ricans get US Passports.
        \_ Yes it is correct.
           \_ Thanks! Obama immigrated from Hawaii, right?
              \_ Not the same.  Doubly not the same in the early 50s.  Go watch
                 yourself some West Side Story.
2009/4/9-20 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:52835 Activity:moderate
4/9     I've been reading articles about piracy and it's not really an issue
        of there being just two dozen ships to patrol a large area. It
        only really takes one ship, if it's the right ship (an aircraft
        carrier). The Navy should be using helicopters and ship-based
        aircraft (e.g., Harriers) to patrol and respond to these incidents
        and then you only need a couple of destroyers to perform
2009/3/9-17 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52688 Activity:low
3/9     Dang.  Obama seriously screwed up that meeting with Gordon Brown.
        Seriously, isn't Hillary supposed to be helping with this stuff?
        \_ She was busy screwing up her meeting with Russia.  Seriously, they
           didn't like Bush, but at least they didn't openly laugh at us.  I
           guess they don't need to worry about crypto.
2008/12/18-28 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:52274 Activity:nil
12/18   You know why US economy is messed up? North Korean SUPERNOTES.
        Throughout WW2, Germany produced supernotes to ruin the
        British/US economy. N Korean is doing the very same thing today.
        \_ Seriously?  You believe this crap?
2008/12/1-6 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:52136 Activity:nil
12/1    No, being Canadian didn't help in Mumbai.
        \_ The gunmen were going to places that British + Americans
           frequented at. They had no idea if this guy was a Canadian
           or not.