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2019/03/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/1/28-29 [Finance/Banking, Reference/BayArea] UID:27226 Activity:high
1/28    Recommendations for credit unions for a Berkeley resident or
        someone who works in SF?  Patelco is almost worse than a commercial
        \_ I comparison shopped CalState9 and USE and chose CalState9. I
           would recommend them based on my experience but YMMV.
        \_ Try BofA, and you'll gladly switch to Patelco. No complaints
           after being with Patelco since '88 for basic services.
           \_ I get charged for using COOP ATMs so I can only use Patelco ATMs.
              ATM use at the store with cashback also incurs a $0.90 charge.
              Also, I can't use the ATM at CalState9 at Shattuck Square.
           \_ BTW, what are the advantages of using credit unions? I was using
              the one that has an office on lower Sproul when I was a student.
              I always hated that they had nearly no ATMs.
              \_ I have CCFCU.  I haven't been charged a single fee since 1998.
                 Also, the deal with ATMs is that you use ATMs of the credit
                 union network, in addition to the ones provided by your
                 own credit union.  They even reversed some finance charges
                 on my credit card for me.  I used to have BofA but then I
                 got sick of them charging monthly fees,  selling my name to
                 telemarketers, and generally looking for ways to make money
                 off of me.  I can at least trust that my credit union is
                 looking out for my interests and not some random shareholders.
                 \_ I agree.  I hate BofA, Bank One, etc.  They may be
                    ok if you are rich and likes to put big chucks of
                    dough in your checking account, but they are
                    definitely not for people like me.
            \_ I get better CD rates at Patelco than anywhere else.
        \_ Banks are evil under any name.  Use pillow.
           \_ Thanks for the sarcasm but why should I keep my money with
              someone who wants to take as much of it as possible?
              On top of that their rates suck and my fees will be used by
              them to build more branches and buy ad space.
              I've banked with a bank before and I got tired of having to
              watch my back all time.
2019/03/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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        \_ didnt learn enough after the dotcom thing?
           \_ what are you talking about?
                \_ guess not....
        \_ rate is good, but service is not so good.  I have requested
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