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2003/1/10-11 [Finance/Banking, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:27057 Activity:insanely high 50%like:27058
        Bush economy hits home
        \_ Wow. You frickin' win! Congratulation for the most effective troll
           I've seen in months. I want to say there was some luck involved but
           that would deny your skill in saying so little. Again, bravo!
           \_ Especially with the real link above which actually talks about
              the economy for real but isn't full of the typical invented "I
              had a deadline" pseudo-journalism sob story fluff pieces.  But I
              guess reading about the real economy is hard.
        \_ One wonders why someone with a hourly income of $7.50 needs
           four kids. Most of the other sob stories chronicled in this
           article are equally lame. What these people need is a lesson
           in simple financial planning rather than a handout.
             \_ You are a moron.  The kids came before the layoffs and
                the rotten economy.  Savings last only so long.  This is
                a bind that you could find yourself in.... Or have you
                got enough money to keep you fed, clothed, and housed
                for the rest of your life?  Even if your stocks go fubar?
                If you do, then you're rich compared to the rest of us
                poor shmucks, and you should shut the fuck up, life's always
                easy for the rich.
                \_ I assume you're not rich so how the hell would you know?
                \_ So these people never though about how they are going
                   care for four kids if they lose their jobs? They just
                   assumed that they will be working for life? That is
                   just plain stupid.
                   As far as I'm concerned, I've planned for the case in
                   which I am no longer employeed. For this reason, not
                   all of my assets are tied up in stockes. I also lead
                   a very limited life such that I can survive for years
                   without income.
                   \_ Unless you lose your job and and someone you loves
                      gets sick and you can't pay.
                      \_ And if that happens to me you'll take care of me?
                         That's *really* nice of you!  Thanks!
                         \_ Yes I would.
           \_ Then come up with some way to fund this kind of education.
              Not everyone had parents who would pay for college.
              \_ My parents paid nothing but their income and home counted so
                 I got zero financial aid of *any* sort but I still made it
                 through Cal and I'm now one of those evil top 2%'ers. I have
                 no sympathy for the intentionally stupid slackers.
                 \_ what's the requirement to be a top 2%er?
                    \_ $350k+/year.
              \_ A basic hs edu. should cover this. If it doesn't then my
                 money is being misspent. My parents didn't pay for my
                 college edu. They couldn't afford it. I paid my own
                 way by working summer internships and getting scholarships.
             \_ What is all this bullshit?  I see lots of college grads
                going bankrupt, lots of companies run by MBAs going bankrupt,
                people of all levels of education taking on too much debt,
                etc.  Government bailing out rich people by bailing
                out corporations.
           \_ One wonders why we send money to israel too.  At least
              those min wage earners earn money in our economy.
              - Altho i'm in favour of manditory norplant for welfare
              \_ dude, really, you're just over smashing the hot buttons.
                 if you teased it out a bit more and were a bit more subtle
                 you'd get the fevered response you're looking for.
              \_ You know we spend more money protecting South Korea but I
                 don't see any of you Jew haters ever mentioning that fact.
                 \_ In SK we are protecting a vital national interest (h07
                    4zn ch1x!) from the commies.
                    \_ And they can't be hot if they come from a commie
                       country?  I've met plenty of hotties from Red China.
                        \_ Have you meet NK ch1x? They have bad teeth.
                           Same with most of the Mainland ch1x. SK, HK
                           and Japanese ch1x don't suffer from this.
                           \_ NK ch1x are too skinny also. Deathly thin.
                              \_ Yeah no shit.  Because it's a socialist
                                 country.  Just find and feed one.
                        \_ I hate this shit, someone deleted my message cuz
                           he doesn't agree with me.  Fuck you, whoever
                           did that
                           \_ Did you use motdedit?
                                \_ yup, I did, that is why I was pissed.

                    \_ Why don't you stupid Ruskies, Chinks, Yankees and
                       Japs just leave us alone.  We could care less about
                       your stupid fights for world domination.  Just go
                       home.  We don't want any of you.
              \_ The Jewish lobby.
                 \_ troll, go away.
              \_ What does this have to do with Israel? If you are implying
                 that we should take the money spent on Israel and give it
                 to the poor, you are extremely naive. This money would not
                 solve the poor problem (as demonstrated the new deal and
                 the war on poverty). In fact it would probably make things
                 even worse for the poor people since the fall of Israel
                 into Arab hands would have huge economic repercussions.
                 \_ disagree.  Israel is defiant to its stands mainly
                    because we dump 3 billions per year to them.  If
                    we stop funding them, then, they would for the
                    first time realize the true cost of sucide bombing.
                    By realize the actual cost of the war, there is a
                    much better chance for Israels to withdraw from the
                    west-bank and other occupied territory.
                    \_ Idiot.  You can't negotiate with people who want you
                       dead.  There isn't always a diplomatic solution.  The
                       Arab version of peace doesn't include an Israel.  How
                       incredibly naive but nicely utopian your universe is.
                        \_ There was a time when Arab nations were democratic
                           and reasonable, but we all (Americans and
                           Europeans) betrayed them and choose the Zionist
                           whose tatic were not much different from what
                           PLO today.  Remember, THEY are the one who lived
                           there for the past 2000 years, not Jews. and
                           talking about visions, The land which God
                           promise the Jews were a lot bigger than what
                           Israel is today.  Jewish's version of peace
                           is essentially whipe Jordan and Syria, and
                           good part of Egypt off the map.  Is that sound
                           any more reasonable?
                           \_ Come back when you stop rewriting history.  There
                              have been Jews there for more than 2000 years.
                              And no, blowing up some British military HQ and
                              similar structures is not at all the same as
                              sending your own children into pizza parlors and
                              malls to blow themselves and numerous civilians
                              to bits.  Not at all the same.  You are
                              completely wrong about the Israeli idea of peace.
                              If they really wanted to wipe out Jordan, Syria
                              and Egypt, they could have and would have before
                              now.  In fact, (sorry I know facts bother you
                              and get in your way but here another) the only
                              reason Jordan still *exists* is because Israel
                              told Syria that Israel would invade Syria if
                              Syria carried out their plans to invade Jordan.
                              You're either a liar or an idiot or both. I don't
                              care which but I won't let your ignorance and
                              racist spread unchecked.
                    \_ Israel's GDP is around $100bln/year. I am sure they
                       would tinghten their belts and make it even if the US
                       stopped the economic and military aid, IMHO.
                \_ are you sure?  Israel's economy seems pretty fucked
                   right now, and the fact that the entire Palestinian
                   economy is crippled beyond belief and they have no
                   hope isn't making them very happy.
                   \_ Without Israel what little stability there is in
                      the middle east would disappear. Most of these
                      arabs hate each other almost as much as they hate
                      Israel. One conflict is easier to deal with than
                      the dozen or so that would be present without
                      Israel. These little conflicts would cause extensive
                      damage to the entire petrochemical industry (if
                      you think that gas is expensive now, think about
                      when gas is 10x the cost it is today and the cost
                      of plastics skyrockets.)
           \_ One wonders why anyone with more money NEEDS four kids either.
              To help them spend it?
                \_ I'm not sure why anyone needs four kids, but if someone
                   wants that many they should be prepared to take care of
                   them without resorting to gov. help (why should I be
                   financially responsibly for someone else's kids?)
                   \_ Like the Monty Python boys said, "every sperm is sacred!"
                      And I agree with MP these people should just sell them
                      off to science.  Seriously, if they can't afford to take
                      care of their own kids, the local child welfare social
                      worker types will put them in foster care and that'll be
                      that.  "I have too many kids to feed!" is not a good
                      reason to give the parent handouts.
                      \_ I bet you who complain about taxes being high too.
                         Do you see any sort of cause-effect here? Who pays
                         the extra money to the foster family and for the
                         paperwork to track the child? D'oh!
                         \_ Of course my taxes are too high.  I have no problem
                            with government run orphanages or foster care and
                            the paperwork involved.  I have a problem with the
                            government creating multi generational dependency
                            and breaking the family structure.  And it's twice
                            as fucked up that they use my money to do it.
                            \_ And separating kids from parents is family
        \_ You know what I hate? Whiny rich people who complain about their
           taxes and corporations who don't pay their share. Because they show
           no compassion, the government has to step in and do the right thing
           (which may or may not be the correct thing). That's why small
           government never works. The smallest you can get is a monarchy and
           an army/police force to control the masses.
           \_ The government doesn't tax to "do the right thing".  You're being
              ridiculous and conspiratorial.  Grow up and stop reading Catcher
              in the Rye.
              \_ Democracies do. Whether or not you agree that it's the "right
                 thing" does depend.
                 \_ There's nothing magical about a Democracy that makes it
                    morally better than any other form of government.  It's
                    nothing but mob rule.  And this nor any other country on
                    the planet is a democracy anyway.
                    \_ Yes, we've all had HS Gov. It's a repulbic. Don't you
                       feel much better now?
        \_ I like the idea of competition.  I like the results of healthy
           market competition.  That having been said, why can we not agree
           to guarantee basic food, shelter, and (mostly preventitive)
           medicine to all Americans and then require said Americans to
           work hard if they want more?
           \_ So you want to destroy the food, housing, and medical segments
              of the economy?  How about the "tech gap"?  Shouldn't we provide
              a basic palm-like device and a home computer and at least 256k
              DSL to everyone, too?  How about transport?  Don't you know the
              poorest of the poor can't even afford the city bus?  Let's make
              sure everyone has at least a low end basic car.  Where does it
           \_ Because it would cost money. Which means taxes. Which means more
              whiny rich people and corporations pleading poverty and how life
              is "soooooo unfair?" See the above reply? Typical crap from
              someone who thinks not being hungry will lead to society collaspe.
              \_ Thanks for mis-stating everything I said and ignoring every
                 single thing I had to say and simply repeating your agenda
                 driven mantra about "whiny rich people".  You've really added
                 a whole lot to this thread with all the cut n paste replies.
                 \_ So having families stand in line for food is really the
                    American dream? Wow. Who'd have thunk? My problem is that
                    you've jumped from the idea of feeding and providing basic
                    healthcare to the poor to slacker heaven. Sheesh. Whiner.
           \_ Wow!  I can have the necesseties of life without working!  You
              guys can foot the bill, losers!  I'm kicking back.
              \_ Hmm, actually this sounds really good when you put it that way
                 and all these years I've been voting I never considered I
                 could just vote myself a life free of all real concerns. I'm
                 going to start voting Democrat.  It works like that, right?
              \_ Oops you guys missed the word "work" there.
                 \_ Nope.  It only says if I want more.  Since so few people
                    will be working I won't have to work very hard if I want
                    more.  You do realise that most people work very hard and
                    only get basic food, shelter, and medical care?  So making
                    those free (from other people's money) means the vast
                    majority of Americans could live the exact same life they
                    have now (under this 'plan') and not work at all. In fact,
                    since it is now a magical guarantee, their lives would
                    actually be much better.  Oh!  To live in Utopia!
                    \_ Actually it's called France, Sweden, Norway, Germany,
                       Denmark, Canada...
                       \_ *laugh*  Maybe you missed the links the other day
                          (for Germany) or several of these others in the past
                          on how their economies are so fucked they make ours
                          look 1999 vibrant?
                          \_ Are they starving their working poor too? Ah.
                             Doesn't this count as one of those human rights
                             violations the US keeps harping about?
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That people stood in line to get government commodities. And in Ohio, some of the food lines look as if they've been taken from the pages of the Great Depression. Plenty of people working full time are still not able to earn enough to keep hunger out of the house. So if you think you have a good idea of who's hungry in America today, you may be wrong. Correspondent Scott Pelley reports on this story, which last aired this winter. In a long food line forming outside Marietta, Ohio, the people in front came at dawn. But Marslyn is taking time off now for her newborn -- a girl named Autumn. Jean Haybron and Edna Swiers both worked at the Goodyear plant before they were laid off when the plant closed at the end of 1999. Neither imagined they'd ever be standing in a food line. Karen Coe's husband, David, served in the Air Force and the Air National Guard for 30 years. But a stroke disabled him while he was on a mission to help flood victims three years ago. For them, it is the difference between eating and not eating. Before we had various programs and quite frankly it's a little bit hard to watch sometimes," says Bob Garbo, head of the local affiliate of the non-profit group America's Second Harvest. The food being distributed in his line comes mostly from government programs and from private donations. On that day, the line grew so long that they brought in an extra truck -- they hadn't done that before. There are a lot of reasons: housing and medical costs are up. Unemployment is up, and many jobs that are available are minimum wage. Forty percent of the families in these lines have one parent working. Rick Payne is working full time at a big home improvement store. When we sat down with Payne, his wife, Alexis, and 12-year-old, Brandon, they had $17 to their name. But at the end of the month they're living on potato soup. And I just have to laugh at that because you know, I can't put $5 away per paycheck. I can't imagine somebody having six months of their salary put away. That's just completely unobtainable for us," Payne says. The Agriculture Department figures that one in six children in America face hunger. Her boyfriend Toby Pederson recently lost his job as a heavy equipment operator. He gets unemployment, $100 a week, and food stamps come to $200 a month. They buy whole milk and cut it with an equal amount of water. Most of the people in line don't look like they are starving. But hunger in America isn't starvation, it's malnutrition - children too hungry to concentrate in school, and the pain of skipped meals. There may be some in line who are taking unfair advantage of a free food program even if they have to wait for hours. But it is also true that many in these lines are new to hunger: losing jobs or getting hit with medical bills, for example, just months or weeks ago. At another line, in McArthur, Ohio, the holidays were closing in and so was the weather. The line is 40 percent longer than it was just three years ago. Nationwide, the problem is not just in rural scenes like this. Conference on Mayors says the need for emergency food aid in major cities jumped 19 percent in 2002 year alone. Billie Jo Smith and her children live outside McArthur, Ohio. Her husband was the sole breadwinner but the marriage broke up a few months ago, and now the money's gone. The kids are on a free school lunch program and, often, 12-year-old Shane brings part of that meal home. Shane, Billy Jo, Joey, and Jenny are living on $700 a month in welfare and food stamps. I usually wait until the next day to go to school and eat," she says. Billy Jo Smith is banking on a good education to lift her children out of poverty. The kids are good at math but, still, school is a struggle. Jenny says hunger makes her fall asleep sometimes at school: "I can't concentrate half the time. It was get your tubes tied or worry about another mouth to feed. That people stood in line to get government commodities. And because of those donations, a few of them told us they no longer need food assistance. In the first three months of this year, the lines jumped by nearly 20 percent with over 200,000 more families standing in line for food. Find out here in a comprehensive look at America's economic, sociological and racial breakdown.