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2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/9/30-10/1 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:26055 Activity:moderate
9/30    Is it true that T-Mobile reception is as bad as Cingular? That's what
        the Verizon sales rep was saying... TMobile is offering 1000 minutes
        in San Diego for $40/mo...
        \_ To clarify what the english-P people are trying to say below:
           tmobile uses the cingular network so reception is *exactly* the
        \_ They share the same infrastructure / digital network.
           \_ to elaborate, gsm:cingular::gprs:tmobile
              \_ actually no.. they both are gsm.. gprs can be explained
                 as umm, data over gsm. and t-mobile is voicestream, and
                 has been around for a while, just now building out their
                 own infrastructure in california.
                 \_ I read in a tmobile for blackberry ad today that tmobile
                    is a trademark of Deutsche Telekom.
           \_ The elaboration seems to imply that they are on different digital
              networks (gsm vs gprs)... do they share the same transmitters?
              \_ THat's not quite right. T-mobile is currently using Cingular's
                 towers for California area until they build their own.
                 \_ In other words, they suck. Where did you get this info?
                    \_ T-mobile rep. What the other writer is true, too. it is
                       known as VoiceStream in other parts of America and
                       Deutsche Telekom in Europe. Their capacity is better
                       than Cingular's - that is less mysteriously dropped
                       calls. But the coverage is the same - pretty bad in
                       some areas.
                       \_ Reformatted. -motd reformatd
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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