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2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/9/30 [Consumer/Camera] UID:26048 Activity:very high
9/30    special announcement in re: AFGA ULTRA ... it is discontinued.
        FUJI has a very saturated negative film but i dunno if they make
        one at 50 speed. BTW, do you actually *like* any agfa film? --psb
        \_ I've only tried Agfa Portrait 160 and Ultra 50.  Portrait 160 turns
           out very grainy, even though many people say it's fine grained.
           Maybe it has something to do with the lab I used (Kodak).  Ultra
           gives exaggerated color.  Usually I don't use it.  But when I go on
           a trip and I want some postcard-looking pictures, I'll use it.
        \_ also try this:
           \_ Kodak Portra 100T.  -- yuen
        \_ while we are at it... does any one knows any Tusten-balanced
           PRINT film (35mm format)
           \_ you can also get filters to help out.
              \_ Thanks!!!
              \_ But those are of motion picture film formats.  Can you use
                 them on a still-picture camera?
                 \_ you are right.  ObGoogle?  Key words:
                    "tungsten balanced film fuji"
                    (or kodak)
           \_ Kodak Portra 100T, Fuji NPL 160.  I've never tried them though.
              -- yuen
        \_ Which Fuji film is it then?  Thanks.  -- yuen
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Fuji Velvia - no other slide film matches Velvia's intense color saturation. At ISO 50, however, don't be caught shooting Velvia without a tripod. Shoot a roll of Velvia and you'll see why its the film of choice for many professional outdoor photographers. You may find that shooting Velvia at ISO 40 improves its already stellar performance. Fujichrome ASTIA - this new slide film from Fuji is an impressive new addition to their chrome lineup. Unlike Velvia, ASTIA was designed to render color more naturally (much like REALA, a print film renowned for its skin tones). Colors are great in a variety of lighting situations and pushing ASTIA a stop (to ISO 200) does little to hurt the superb image quality this film renders. Kodachrome 200 - when you want legendary Kodachrome colors in your telephoto closeups, look no further than Kodachrome 200. The intense sharpness and somewhat noticeable grain combine to make Kodachrome 200 a unique emulsion which I continue to turn to on a regular basis. When you get your prints back, you'll be hard pressed to disagree. The intensity in which this film renders color can sometimes be overwhelming so use this film sparingly. Fuji REALA (ISO 100) - known for its outstanding flesh tones in a variety of lighting situations, Fuji has released a NEW Reala emulsion which has ultra fine grain (borrowed from their new line of APS films) and bolder colors. Colors may be bold, but they're also very natural and this is where Reala continues to excel. This film has moderate contrast so it can capture good shadow detail even in bright sunlight. As the name implies this is a "people" film where skin tones are reproduced accurately and harshness is subdued for that perfect portrait. It has intense, saturated colors (greens just jump out of the frame) and incredible sharpness. The extra stop of light makes this a versatile performer for a variety of subjects with little sacrifice in image quality. Fujicolor Super G Plus 400 - like other members of the Super G Plus family, this film is characterized by very fine grain and warm, saturated colors. A superb film for telephoto work where faster shutter speeds stop action and minimize camera shake with little sacrifice in picture quality. This film clearly demonstrates how far 400 speed emulsions have come in the past few years. The new Royal Gold 400 is impressive and a real competitor now with Fuji's Super G Plus 400. Very fine sharpness, bold color reproduction and moderate contrast make this new Royal Gold a perfect emulsion for telephoto or low-light work. All content and photographs are Copyright 2000-2004 by 13 Justin W.
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Raw Stock | 10 Video Tape 11 Production Insurance | 12 Audio Tape | 13 Data Storage Products | 14 Batteries | 15 Gift Certificates | 16 Can't find it? Low contrast high-speed for enhanced telecine manipulation characteristics and a subtly smooth look. Effective for shooting productions that make heavy use of HMI lighting, its high sensitivity to light also makes it suitable for high-speed (slow motion) cinematography and for use with stopped-down zoom lenses. Despite its high speed, REALA 500D ensures superb image quality by minimizing burned-out highlights and blocked shadows. EI 500 High-Speed Daylight-Type Motion Picture Film, 4th Color Layer, Smooth, Lifelike Skin-Tones. Effective for shooting productions that make heavy use of HMI lighting, its high sensitivity to light also makes it suitable for high-speed (slow motion) cinematography and for use with stopped-down zoom lenses. Despite its high speed, REALA 500D ensures superb image quality by minimizing burned-out highlights and blocked shadows.