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2018/07/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/7/8 [Industry/Startup] UID:25299 Activity:high
7/7     So nobody has any experience with going from full-time employee to
        contractor?  I'm going to post my question on various message boards
        on the net and see what I get.  I'll summarize the responses here if
        I get something interesting.  Thanks.
        \_ Did it, but not directly to the same company.  Also, I'm not
           very familiar with the way US jobs function, but being able to
           pull that sort of thing off here really depends a lot on both whom
           you know, and whether you've done a very good job when you were
           permie--word gets around.  The lack of perceived job security (as
           if there is such a thing) and routine (not the work itself but
           the trappings, like having the same desk every day) was tough
           to get used to.  -John
        \_ I'll bet the answer is still that no one has been that foolish.
        \_ From my experience in HR/recruiting, employees who go from FTE
           to contracting at the company are really just arranging an 'exit
           plan.'  With rare exception, anyone who does this is sending a
           message that they are moving away from commitment. --chris
           \_ What's it mean if the company wants the change?
              \_ As notice period is short in the US, it probably means
                 they want to cook their books a bit differently--contract
                 and permie salaries go on different accounts/budgets in most
                 companies (fixed vs. variable costs or something.  -John
           \_ does the op really mean doing this transistion w/in the same
              company? after readint the post I thought he meant FTE at
              some co. to contractor elsewhere or in general.
              \_ oops, i interpreted the post as "within the same company" -- i
                 have a friend who's trying to do this right now, and it's
                 tough going on a perception level.  i myself have gone from
                 FTE to contractor at a _different_ company -- not too hard,
                 it's mostly a mindset change. --chris
        \_ Legally the company can not let you go from FTE to contractor with-
           out a waiting period.  This is for the employee's protection.  Not
           for the same company.
           \_ What if both parties agree on it?  -John
              \_ No.  That's the point of the law so a company can't force a
                 FTE into an hourly contract and fuck them over.
        \_ Finally some responses!  I meant going from FTE to contractor in
           the SAME company.  I like this company and I like my boss.  I just
           don't give a damn about stock options or medical insurance.  I
           have not been sick in four years, so any medical insurance I get
           is the high deductible hospitalization kind.  And it's cheap.
           And I also want to take full advantage of the tax shelters with
           being self employeed.  Thanks for all the responses so far.  This
           is useful.
           \_ Illegal.  You need a 6 month gap between your last FTE paycheck
              and your contract start date.
                \_ Been there done that. Not illegal. Wanna cite a reference?
           \_ It can be tough. You have to do all your own billing, insurance,
              taxes, etc. You should charge at least 30% over what you make
              now. You might see if you can find a consulting company that
              will do all of the overhead stuff for a mimimal cut. Your
              tolerance for paperwork must increase. Remember the magic
              phrase "You don't get paid unless you bill hours. And then
              they have to approve the billing." Beware of traps of working
              unapproved (and thus unpayable) overtime, unobtainable goal
              and deadline payments, and sheer overwork.
2018/07/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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