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2019/02/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/6/5 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer] UID:24992 Activity:very high
6/3     hey old people, what's the name of the tune
        in "The Bard's Tale" when you had your bard
        play a tune?  Maybe there were six different types of bard
        spells?  I used to play it on a c64 a lot - danh
        \_ speaking of which, have any of you tried playing any really old
           games on your P3 or P4?  How well does it work?
           \_ Is wizardry 7 old enough?  It works great on new machines.
              -- ilyas
              \_ was it designed for DOS?  Win 3.1?
                 \_ DOS, I think.
              \_ is Wiz 7 real-time?  Does it go back too fast?
                 Does Mahalito still exist?
        \_ This "old person" a geezer at 32 would know that there's a million
           walk throughs and other info on the net.  obgoogle
           \_ obPSB
        \_ There were six different tunes.  One was "Traveller's Tune" iirc.
        \_ I still have Bard's Tale running on my PC under an Apple ][
           emulator. It runs fine. <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ Are there emulators for Linux?  I have old 5.25 disks w/
              AppleWorks files that I want to read.
        \_ BARDS TALE III character advancement cheat:
           Make 6 new characters of any class, race, etc...
           Form a party of 7: 6 new chars and one mage with the "super"
           damage spell-  i forget the name but it would do lots of damage.
           Go to temple in Skara Brae, Tarjan, teleport spell to lower
           corner of 3rd level, down, go fight brilhasti Ap Tarj.
           If you beat brilhasti, all the 1st level characters advance by
           something like 60 levels.  -joshk
           \_ don't you wonder what all the old game programmers are doing
              these days?