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2019/01/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/6/5 [Recreation/Sports] UID:24983 Activity:nil
6/3     Is it my imagination or has the World Cup pool shrunk? What happened
        to Iran and Colombia, for starters? -- ulysses
        \_ Ireland beat Iran to gain entry in the finals. You have to
           understand that what is going on now is the World Cup finals.
           There have been something like a thousand games that lead up to
           the games going on now with the 32 finalists.
           \_ Thanks. The folks here have bestowed upon me a little clue
              as well.
        \_ Ya, we're at such a loss that Iran is not in the world cup. Here
           come the Ali et al. "Iran is a major soccer playing country"
           \_ I don't know Iran's overall record but I do know about one team
              they beat... -- !ali
              \_ Yes, in '98 they beat the team that finished dead last.
                 Woo woo!
                        \_ That's not the point. So, would a lack of the
                           US in the world cup also create such a "loss"
                           in you?
              \_ Which team?
                \_ Iran beat the Great Satan in 98. - danh
                   \_ Ah, you mean the US.
                      BTW it's amazing that US once won over England.  I
                      thought soccer started to get popular here only in the
                      past decade.
                   \_ At what?  What's this World Cup thing?  Yachting?
                      \_ it's that thing where every 4 years,  people from
                         all over the world go to your mom and bang her.
                         hence "world". the term Cup refers to the athletic
                         supporters needed after your mom drains the last bits
                         of jism from the contestants.
2019/01/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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7/3     ARG 0 - 4 GER!  That's a huge spread.  What was wrong with Argentina?
        \_ You give a damn about soccer?  What's wrong with you?
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The Czechoslovakia-Romania fixture after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the West Germany-East Germany encounter in 1974, and the symbolic United States-Iran meeting in 1998 are just some of the more remarkable surprises to be pulled out of the hat. Czechoslovakia-Romania, Italy 1934 The second FIFA World Cup(TM) saw Czechoslovakia drawn to play Romania, an encounter rich in historical significance as both countries formed part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire before it disbanded in 1918. Czechoslovakia had risen from the ashes of the shattered empire while Romania had extended its borders by reclaiming several provinces. The two countries, who once shared similar political ideologies, had now gone their vastly different ways. Romania had just signed a treaty with other Balkan nations, bringing it under greater fascist influence. Czechoslovakia, in contrast, was fighting for democracy. Added to equation was the fact that the 1934 FIFA World Cup took place in Italy- under the leadership of Mussolini! The Czechs ran out winners by the narrowest of margins (2-1) and reached the final where they were defeated by the host nation, Italy. England-United States, Brazil 1950 England, playing in their first FIFA World Cup(TM) finals, were up against their chief politic ally, the United States. The Americans had participated in the two previous tournaments, having notably advanced to the semi-finals in 1930. England, a country with a strong football tradition, were firm favourites ahead of the match and indeed many people's tip to win the tournament outright. The United States, however, spoiled the party and won by the narrowest of margins (1-0). USSR-Yugoslavia, Chile 1962 The 1962 draw pitted the USSR against Yugoslavia. At the time, the so-called "Big Brother" of the Eastern bloc countries was none too pleased with Marshal Tito's vague desires for independence. The Soviets saw this game as the perfect opportunity to put the Yugoslavians firmly in their place. At the end of a bad-tempered match, the great Lev Yashin and his team-mates had the final word (2-0) but then lost to Chile in the quarter-finals. The way was left open to another socialist bloc country to shine, Czechoslovakia, who made it to their second FIFA World Cup(TM) Final before losing to Brazil. West Germany-East Germany, Germany 1974 The 1974 FIFA World Cup(TM) took place in West Germany, with the host nation widely tipped as the pre-tournament favourites. The side included such illustrious names as Paul Breitner, Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Mller and was at the peak of its powers. However, the draw threw up a surprise for Schn's men as they were to square off against East Germany! West Germany started as overwhelming favourites, but their brothers from the East pulled off a shock result, beating the "Kaiser" and his men 1-0 in this historic match. The triumph was met with a huge frenzy of excitement on the other side of the iron curtain at a time when the Cold War was at its most critical juncture. This early setback did not, however, stop West Germany going on to win their second FIFA World Cup. Brazil-Sweden, Argentina 1978 This match, played at Mar del Plata, underlines how the draw can sometimes be unforgiving. Sweden and Brazil have in fact played each other no less than seven times in FIFA World Cup(TM) matches, three of those in the first round. The Scandinavians could be forgiven for thinking a spell has been cast on them - in a total of nine appearances at the finals, their record against the South Americans does not make pretty reading: five losses and two draws, with a total of 21 goals conceded against only eight scored. The country must already be praying feverishly, hoping that the hand of fate keeps them away from the Auriverde in 2002. United States-Iran, France 1998 As soon as the draw for France 98(TM) was made, the media spotlight turned to the match between two minnows in the overall pecking order of international football - Iran and the United States. The confrontation was highly symbolic, as diplomatic ties between the two nations had been severed since the 1979 hostages crisis at the American embassy in Tehran. Happily, sensation-seekers in the media were to be disappointed on the first day of summer in Lyon, with the teams posing for the official pre-match photograph arm-in-arm. Iran's eventual triumph (2-1) pales into insignificance alongside this symbol of fraternity.