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2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/5/22 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:24910 Activity:insanely high
5/21    I said a while ago this Pakistan/India thing was going nuclear...
        here's some more "fuel for the fire" as they say.,,2-303716,00.html
        \_ "The Pakistanis, who are considered better troops, would
           beat off the initial offensive"
           The Paks have one of the worst military corps in the
           world. They have lost every major encounter to India
           despite more modern weapons and training.
           And who do these diplomats think they are anyway? They
           should just butt out and let India solve the problem.
           \_ I believe the proper derogatory is "Paki."
           \_ The problem?  You mean the problem with the crazy psycho indians
              butchering muslims en masse over some stupid temple site that
              never belonged to the indians in the first place?  That problem?
              Or the one where the indian government is interferring on a daily
              basis with the lives of muslims in kashmir who are 99% peasants
              who would be perfectly happy to just be left alone on their
              rock strewn farms?  That problem?  The indians are going to get
              nuked.  They've earned it.
                 \_ Yeah. Indians have earned it alright. Let's not forget
                    that in '48-49 the Paks butchered hindus and sikhs
                    and sent back their body parts in train cars. Let's
                    not forget the Pak attrocities of the '71 war or of the
                    the Kargil war. (Muslims attrocities towards hindus
                    go back further than this, but we'll leave that out)
                    The current kashmir problem was started by Pak funded
                    plo/hamas style "operations". India has every right to
                    defend itself against Pak aggression.
                    The temple site that you mention is fairly important
                    to many hindus. How long do you think it would take
                    muslims to tear down a church or synagouge in mecca?
                    \_ So you think it's ok that people not even born in 48 or
                       71 get butchered today because of what happened then?
                       And then you try to equate muslims trying to live in
                       peace in a muslim area with hamas?  you're nuts.  The
                       temple site is no mecca.  They're a bunch of whackos.
              \_ Sadly, it also means the Pakistanis are going to get nuked.
                 The world will finally see what happens when two nuclear
                 powers decide to annihilate each other.  It's going to be a
                 fucking nightmare.                     -mice
                    \_ Not if India strikes first and destroy all of Pakistans
                       25 warheads.
                       \_ This is laughable.  They stand zero chance of
                          taking out 3 dozen nukes with their 5 dozen nukes.
                          Neither of them has enough firepower to do any such
                          thing.  We're not talking the US/Soviets during the
                          cold war with 25,000+ warheads each.  These clowns
                          have *maybe* 150 between them which is only just
                          enough to seriously fuck each other up real real bad.
                 \_ Only if you're Pakistani or Indian and depending on the
                    winds and fallout levels a neighboring nation.  The rest
                    of us get the benefits of lots of emergency/experimental
                    medical procedures practiced on other people and it'll be
                    a big boon for the construction and cleanup companies here
                    and in Europe & Japan.  Too bad about the tea though.
                    \_ There's no danger of a nuclear winter?  And who is going
                       to pay the cleanup companies?
                       \_ 1: no. they dont have enough nukes between them to
                          make a nuclear summer.  2: your tax dollars, duh.
                          \_ 2: Exactly my point.  We won't benefit from it
                                because even though they use our cleanup
                                companies, they use our money to pay for it.
                    \_ Ah, so human life has no value...
                       \_ Dude, you've bee soooo bated. Ouch.
                          \_ Heh I thought the "too bad about the tea" was a
                             big give away.  I'll try harder to make it more
                             obvious next time.  :-)
                       \_ It does.  It's something like $96 in chemicals and
                          water.  Hardly anything worth getting upset about.
2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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