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2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/4/20-21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:24500 Activity:kinda low
4/19    I'm looking for free windows (2000) software that will just
        play the mic input.  (e.g. so that i can plug a microphone
        into my computer and talk and hear it through the speakers
        without having to record and playback). I don't care much
        about sound quality. recommendations?
        \_ yahoo messenger with 'talk' turned on
           \_umm, o.k. i'll try it.
        \_ Hmm, it should be as simple as setting a couple of bits in the sound
           chip.  But since you probably don't have control over the sound
           driver, this won't help.  Did you try opening the Volume Control
           from the Task Bar and then turning up the volume for Microphone?  (I
           don't have a microphone to try.)  -- yuen
            \_ yeah, if i turn the "line-in" and the reg. volume ALL THE WAY UP
               i can kind of hear it throught the speakers, but then any system
               sounds are way too loud.
                \_You need to use the mic in and/or the microphone boost under
                'advanced properties'
               \_ Line-in?  Did you plug your mic to the wrong jack?  On my PC
                  there's both an audio-in jack and a microphone jack.  On my
                  NT the Volume Control has both a volume for Line and one for
                  Microphone.  If you don't see that, go to Options ->
                  Properties and select all of the controls in the list.  Also
                  try to select "Recording" and then play with the Microphone
                  volume control in that section.  -- yuen
                    \_ i've tried it with both.  doesn't seem to make much
                       difference. I was able to up the volume a little by maxing
                       the appropriate selection in the "recording control", but
                       it is still very soft compared to normal computer sounds.
                       (it is better though so thanks to all above for the help).
                       difference. I was able to up the volume a little by
                       maxing the appropriate selection in the "recording
                       control", but it is still very soft compared to normal
                       computer sounds. (it is better though so thanks to all
                       above for the help).
                       [ learn to format - motdformatd ]
                       \_ get an amplifier for your microphone then.
2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2/13    In NT or XP, is there a way to display the IP address of a remote
        machine when the remote machine is pinging my machine?  Thanks.
        \_ netstat?
              \- netstat is ridiculous for this. hammer. nail. bad. wrong.
                 i believe tcpdump runs on msftware:
                 tcpdump -i <if> 'icmp[0] = 8 or icmp[0] = 0'
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        \_ Winkey = Ctrl-Esc
           \_ Not exactly.  You can't chord with ctrl-esc.
        \_ Ctl-Alt-Del, enter.
           \_ this is what I was gonna suggest. the real question is how
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        disk which won't boot properly by itself, FreeBSD doesn't like the
        USB case I've put it in very much, and I don't have a Mac handy. -John
        \_ You need an NT (I'm assumming you are running NT version of Windows)
           filesystem driver for UFS. Once that is installed you should be able
2003/9/19-20 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:10261 Activity:nil
9/19    ATMs to run Windows:,1282,60497,00.html
        \_ I just love the new BART terminals that run NT, and seem to
           be out of order 75% of the time...
           \_ Does anyone know what system they use for the New York Subway?
              It seems to work incredibly well.