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2019/03/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/4/16-17 [Science/Space] UID:24457 Activity:high
4/16    Anyone care to suggest how to get rid of an oven, and an old
        toilet?  The oven's never been used.  The toilet is clean.  Both
        Goodwill and Salvation Army refuse to take such things.
        I'm not feeling optimistic about being to sell them.  Ideas? -PeterM
        \_ If BFI is the one handling the trash in your area, you can call them
           to schedule a pickup.
        \_ If you want to make a donation of it instead of landfill then maybe
           some locall church or non-profit will take it.  The big guys in the
           charity business only want the good stuff they can easily move.
        \_ Sell the oven on craig's list.
                \_ I'm trying that, though, like I said, I'm not optimistic. -PM
        \_ There are some salvage shops down around San Pablo.  I'm surprised
           Salvation Army refused the oven.  Gas or Electric? --scotsman
           \_ Electric.  They would take a "free-standing" oven, but not
              this one, which was built-in.  --PeterM
        \_ If the toilet is an older toilet (before the low flush bullshit)
           then there should be quite a demand for it. --dim
           \_ I have no idea which sort it is.  How can I tell? -PM
              \_ I suggest more fiber in your diet.
                 \_ Shouldn't it be less fiber...
                    \_ No.  More fibre in your diet makes your poo poo less
                       hard and easier to flush.
              \_ The new toilets are required to only use up to 1.6 gallons of
                 water per flush.  So check the tank to see if there are any
                 labels showing how much water it uses per flush.  And yes,
                 people do smuggle these in.
                 \_ "what were you arrested for?" "toilet smuggling"
           \_ it is my right as an American to shit big and
                   use more water.
           \_ I think the idea of the low-flush toilet is that even though you
              sometimes need to flush repeatedly, overall it still uses much
              less water than the old ones.
              \_ Whatever. I am just pointing out that there is high demand for
                 such things. People smuggle them in from Canada. --dim
           \_ At work, we have these toilet with like very high suction power.
              I can throw a shitload of toilet paper in it and it still goes
              right down.  Are those available for home?  Are they expensive?
              \_ I once lived in an apt on south side that has such a toilet.
        \_ check out the campus service Re-USE:
                \_ i think these guys lost all their funding
                   and no longer do any of this.  witness their
                   graffiti covered truck that has been
                   parked on Bancroft for the last 9 months. - danh
                   \_ They were giving away coffee mugs on campus not so long
                        ago (month or so).
        \_ Just leave them on the curb.
2019/03/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Congress (motto: "Remaining Firmly In Office Since 1798"). This is an issue that affects every American, regardless of race or gender or religion or briefs or boxers; I'm talking about the toilets now being manufactured for home use. You have to flush them two or three times to get the job done. It has become very embarrassing to be a guest at a party in a newer home, because if you need to use the toilet, you then have to lurk in the bathroom for what seems (to you) like several presidential administrations, flushing, checking, waiting, flushing, checking, while the other guests are whispering: "What is (your name) DOING in there? This is going on all over America, and it's causing a serious loss in national productivity that could really hurt us as we try to compete in the global economy against nations such as Japan, where top commode scientists are developing super-efficient, totally automated household models so high-tech that they make the Space Shuttle look like a doorstop. The weird thing is, the old American toilets flushed just fine. What force would cause an entire nation to do something so stupid? Here's a hint: It's the same force that from time to time gets a bee in its gigantic federal bonnet and decides to spend millions of dollars on some scheme to convert us all to the metric system, or give us all Swine Flu shots, or outlaw tricycles, or whatever. The public was not consulted about the toilet change, of course; But it's the public that has been stuck with these new toilets, which are saving water by requiring everybody to flush them enough times to drain Lake Erie on an hourly basis. People are sneaking them into new homes, despite the fact that the Energy Policy and Conservation Act provides for -- I am not making this up, either -- a $2,500 fine for procuring and installing an illegal toilet. According to a Washington Post article sent in by many alert readers, the DOE recently had to close several men's rooms in the Forrestall Building because -- I am STILL not making this up -- overpressurized air in the plumbing lines was causing urinals to explode. That's correct: These people are operating the Urinals of Death, and they're threatening to fine us if we procure working toilets. The public -- and this is why I love this nation -- is not taking this sitting down. Knollenberg's press secretary, Frank Maisano, who told me that the public response has been very positive. The toilet bill will probably face lengthy hearings and organized opposition from paid lobbyists; Write to your congresshumans, and tell them you support Rep. While you're at it, tell them you'd like to see a constitutional amendment stating that if any federal agency has so much spare time that it's regulating toilets, that agency will immediately be eliminated, and its buildings will be used for some activity that has some measurable public benefit, such as laser tag.
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Province: Guangdong Shenzhen New Era Drinking Water Sci. Province: Guangdong We are a leading pure water appliances manufacturer, specializing in the supply of drinking water dispenser, water filter, water purifier, industrial water treatment equipment and car beverage cooler & warmer. Most of "Angel" models achieved "CE" certification, and some best-sellers got "GS", "S" Mark, "ETL", "UL" and "SASO" approval. Some of our products have been approved certificates of GREAT WALL, CE, TUV, UL etc. Province: Zhejiang We are one professional and leading manufacturer in China mainland, specializing in designing, developing and producing Water despenser,Water purifier / Filter, Water Kettle & Hair dryer etc, we can make all various products for customers. Province: Guangdong Water source: tap water Resin, Prefilter, ultra-filter, minerals and activated charcoal. Water can be straightly drunk after flowing by the machines with good taste.
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Recently I watched as a professional engineer attempted to flush fermented bean curd down a toilet. This was a laboratory test conducted at the research center of the National Association of Home Builders, which is trying to develop a laboratory test for toilet performance that simulates the challenges faced by toilets in the real world. This research is necessary because Americans are unhappy with the wimpy toilets we are now required to buy. We yearn for the glory years, when our toilets were among the most powerful on earth -- when the standard American household commode could, in a single flush, as proven in actual tests, suck down a mature sheep. Congress -- instead of passing a law that would actually benefit ordinary Americans, such as a mandatory death penalty for telemarketers -- decided to cripple our toilets. In terms of power and studliness, our toilets went from being the Baltimore Ravens to being Barry Manilow. But the NAHB really is doing serious toilet research, as I learned when I was given a tour of its Maryland research facility by Larry Zarker, Chuck Arnold and Tom Kenney. They showed me a laboratory where test toilets are mounted on a frame; One is that anybody who emits anything like 100 little plastic balls doesn't need a better toilet; He then showed me some of the tougher, more-realistic tests being considered. I watched in fascinated horror as Kenney boldly grasped a mass of it and, with his bare hands, formed 10 incredibly lifelike Puff Daddies. I came away convinced that these engineers will, some day, develop a test that will enable us, as a nation, to once again have faith in our commodes. When that day comes, I want to shake the hands of the courageous researchers who made it possible.
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