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3/27    "World tribunal 4 signatories away from ratification"
        I expect many here feel this is a good thing.
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The Clinton administration signed the treaty shortly before leaving office, but President Bush said he would not submit it to the Senate for ratification. He and other legal analysts said the court could act only if the national courts of a suspect's home country proved unwilling or unable to act. It is meant to go after the Pol Pots and the Foday Sankohs," said Bruce Broomhall, director of the International Justice Program at the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights in New York. Pol Pot was responsible for the Cambodian regime that killed an estimated 1 million of its own citizens in the 1970s. Sankoh was the head of a rebel movement in Sierra Leone that cut off the limbs of many civilians. Three countries -- Mauritius, Macedonia and Cyprus -- ratified the Rome Statute on March 7, and Panama acted last week, bringing the total to 56. If that happens, the court could begin operating in The Hague by July 1, Mr. The Financial Times reported yesterday that the Bush administration has inquired and been advised by the United Nations that the United States has the right to remove its signature from the Rome Statute -- though the act would be unprecedented.