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2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/3/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:24228 Activity:high
3/25    silly letter about closing tower elevator purged.  so what?  campus
        does closures and repairs all the time.  everything is old.
        \_ get a clue.  closing the Campanile is a lot different than
           closing Stanley Hall.  -tom
           \_ Being closed for a few months over summer and reopening in fall
              is nothing.  I'd think working for UC you'd understand what the
              "Long Term" in the Long Term Plan is all about.  I'm surprised
              someone at UC managed to make a quick decision and get it
              approved before the 100th time people got stuck in that death
              trap.  I've got clue, patience, and understanding of the
              situation.  It's no big deal and was done thoughtfully.
                \_ what is the point of the above comment?  are you
                   insulting tom or cheering him on?  make up your fucking
                   \_ Neither.  Why must everything be either an insult or
                      cheer leading?  I suggest you adopt a newer, more
                      flexible world view.  Your simplistic black and white
                      perspective has proven insufficient.
                \_ no one suggested otherwise.  It's still news.  -tom
                   \_ Yes, but it's not news worthy of 3 pages on the motd.
        \_ I spent my Berkeley years without ever getting on top of the
           Campanile.  I never visited Alcatraz either.  Is that abnormal?
                \_ no.  you're obviously Asian!
                        \_ How did you draw that conclusion?  Is it based
                           on some behavioral characteristic typical of
                        \_ I never had any interest in either and did neither
                           during my time at Cal.  How droll.  Very lame and
                           touristy.  Yay, I took the vator to the top of a
                           short tower and could almost see the smog over
                           Oakland.  Whatever.  -white boy