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2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/3/26-27 [Consumer/TV] UID:24227 Activity:moderate
3/25    Does using the s-video and RCA jacks (for audio) to connect
        a DVD player to my tv make a big difference over using the low-
        quality connector that comes with the DVD player?
        \_ There is a visible difference between connectors, but unless
           yer really picky you probably won't notice. If you have the
           connectors, get the cable and you'll just know you're viewing
           the best of what your equipment can do. S-Video and Component
           seperate the color channels. RCA video and Coax combine them
           into one signal, so there is blurring.
        \_ there are several possible video inputs on a TV:
        \_ what low-quality connector are you referring?  Using TV audio
           ruins the movie.  To fully take advantage of DVD capabilities,
           you should setup a 5.1 audio system.  As for video, s-video
           is sufficient.  Your eyes won't be able to tell the difference
           unless you put the TVs side by side.
           \_ I think the original poster meant "low-quality cable".
        \_ there are several possible VIDEO inputs on a TV:
                S-Video, Composite video (three rca type of cables),
                a single RCA video cable and RF/Cable TV.  Composite video
                is best, then S-Video, then a single RCA video cable.
                \_ WRONG! Quality, lowest to highest:
                      rca cables JUST FOR THE VIDEO)
                        Coax cable (standard cable)
                        RCA cables (yellow, red, white)
                        Component video.
                   The above poster said composite instead of component.
                   Composite is worst, component best.
                   \_ I worded Composite wrong.  I meant component (three
                      rca style cables JUST FOR THE VIDEO)
2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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