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2018/07/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2001/8/30-31 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:22300 Activity:insanely high
8/30    Average salary for a BART stattion agent is $41k.  How much does an
        average college grad made these days??  And they still want ~9% raise
        every year?  What's the average salary raise (or, better, decline) in
        this economic downturn??

        And they still want to go on strike?

        This morning I saw a BART employee at Hayward station who's suppose to
        be vacuuming the carpet but was actually standing still and talking to
        his buddy.  I was so tempted to yell at him "With that kind of pay, go
        to work, fucker!"
        \_ At 41k, you have a take-home pay of 2500 or so a month.  Rent or
           moetgage payments in this area can easily be half of that or more.
           Ever here of cost- of-living?  Just because yer mom is paying your
           tuition doesn't mean everyone lives the upper-middle class lifestyle
                \_ I have no dispute with the pay, I have dispute with
                   the +9% a year.
           \_ Oh fuck off. "Can be" is not the same as "is". You can easily
              live well on 41k. Get a roommate if the rent's too high. Vacuuming
              carpets isn't exactly hard.
              \_ moron, these are head of households, they have to take care of
                a family twink
                \_ Thank you.  My point exactly.
                   \_ So what if they're head of households? Why do they deserve
                      more if they are? It's their choice to have a family. If
                      they were responsible they wouldn't have 4 kids if they
                      can't support them. Dumbshits. They deserve no more than
                      people are willing to pay them.
                      \_ moron again, i am talking about bringing in a stranger
                      to rent a room in a family's house. get a roomate? that\
                      your resolution is dimwitted
                         \_ did you read what I said? if they can't support
                            living in that house they shouldn't have bought the
                            fucking thing. it's all quite simple really.
           \_ My mom isn't paying my tuition.  I put my sis through Cal paying
              out-of-state tuition when I was making $40k and now I support my
              parents.  And according to your logic, a high-school dropout
              flipping burgers at McDonald's or filling gas at a station also
              deserves $41k and 9% annual raise, because he also deserves
              owning a home and living the upper-middle class lifestyle just
              like some other who works hard to graduate from a prestigiuous
              college and gets a high-pay job, right?
              \_ Wow, the food service industry has to accomodate philosophy
                 majors, history majors, AND high school dropouts? This must
                 be some competitive industry.
              \_ I don't see how people who work hard and went to a good school
                 "deserve" better lifestyles than people who didn't.
                 I say we should have minimum living standards and let the
                 market decide the rest.  College grad or not.  What
                 are you, some kind of commie?  I bet you're a FOB.
                 \_ This has nothing to do with communism.  This has everything
                    to do with moderately skilled and/or unskilled labor
                    being able to live in this area.  You drive all the
                    janitors, bus drivers, and bart attendents out, and
                    what do you have?
                    \_ If they are driven out, the wages will increase and many
                       more will come to take their place. There's also the
                       large pool of high school and college kids.
                       \_ and this is different from raising current wages how?
                          Are you trying to retort, or just stating the wildly
                          \_ i'm saying we don't need raises unless they can't
                             find anyone to do the job which isn't the case.
                             \_ So, create a mass exodus of lower-skilled
                                workers, then deal with the massive wage spikes
                                necessary to lure employees to take those
                                \_ where's the shortage? we have a higher
                                   unemployment rate than the nat'l average.
                                   schoolteachers and nurses don't make much
                                   more than these bart broompushers.
                                   \_ actually they make less, but that's a
                                      different problem.
                                      \_ nurses make more than that here
                 \_ If the market of BART labor is free, then yes, I agree
                    with you in that we should let the market decide BART
                    employees' salaries.  But the BART market is not free,
                    because there is the union which disallows BART to let-go
                    of the employees.  In other words the union forces BART's
                    demand curve to go up with the supply curve when the union
                    decides to move up the supply curve.  And the union is
                    indeed moving up the supply curve because it also disallows
                    BART to hire non-union workers.  If it's a free market like
                    the CS engineering labor market, we should allow them to
                    set their prices freely.  But since it is not, we (maybe
                    the govt. or some regulating body) shouldn't allow that.
        \_ BART is a horrible attemt to make a subway. Only slightly better
           than the LA subway system.
           \_ the only problem with BART is that it was state of the art
              when it opened in 1976.
              \_ 1972.
              \_ And the fact that it doesn't go to the South Bay
                 \_ The "South Bay" governments didnt want BART.  they opted
                    to spend their money on TA instead.
                    \_ So what? BART still suffers from not reaching the
                       South Bay.
              \_ The subway in Hong Kong also opened in 1976.  They now carry
                 2.2M passengers a day in the city of 6M population.  Their
                 ticket machines and turnstiles jam much less frequently, and
                 their train runs at 1.5 minute intervals during rush hours.
                 \_ I think the key thing you are missing is a city with
                    6M people needs a very differnt subway system than
                    a large spread out area with much less population.
                    Of fucking COURSE HK has a better subway system.
                    \_ HK is cool. Isn't Maggie Cheung hot?
2018/07/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Special express buses won't link Pittsburg and San Francisco, emergency ferries won't sail from Berkeley, and scores of extra buses won't roll across the Bay Bridge. Some transit agencies will add service, but most of the 335,000 or so riders who could be abandoned by BART would have to crowd their way aboard already-operating buses, boats and trains -- or climb into their cars. BART hauls huge loads -- a 10-car train can carry as many as 1,500 passengers -- and transit agencies just don't have a lot of extra equipment or employees to handle those kinds of crowds. Nevertheless, the Bay Area's transportation agencies have been working together to prepare for a possible strike, applying lessons learned from the six-day BART walkout in 1997. They will roll out what extra service they can, along with an intensified informational campaign to let BART riders know how they can get around without the silver trains. By calling TravInfo -- 817-1717 in all Bay Area area codes -- commuters can get information on transit, traffic conditions and carpooling and vanpooling. RIDES for Bay Area Commuters, which promotes carpools and vanpools in the region, will add extra operators and extend its hours to help match abandoned BART riders so they can share their commutes, making use of carpool lanes. AC Transit will run its regular weekday transbay commute service into San Francisco on 36 routes that reach from El Sobrante on the north to Newark on the south, with many in the Oakland-Berkeley area. When extra buses are available, AC will add service on the busiest routes. The Alameda/Oakland Ferry, which travels to the Ferry Building in San Francisco from the foot of Clay Street at Jack London Square in Oakland and the Alameda terminal on Main Street, will add boats. There are no plans to begin ferry service from other cities. BART, while it won't run trains, will offer bus service from the El Cerrito Del Norte, Dublin/Pleasanton, Pleasant Hill and Fremont stations to the Transbay Terminal during the morning commute, with return runs in the evening. From the Tri-Valley area, Wheels -- the Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority -- will run commute buses from Owens Drive outside the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station to the Castro Valley and Bay Fair stations, where passengers would transfer to AC Transit buses. In eastern Contra Costa, Tri-Delta Transit will run buses from BART's Pittsburg/Bay Point station to the Concord station, where riders will transfer to County Connection buses. County Connection, which serves central Contra Costa and the San Ramon Valley, will not put any additional buses on the road. On the Peninsula, Caltrain will add cars to some of its busiest trains when they are available. SamTrans will run buses between the Colma BART station and a temporary Daly City transit center on Mission Street near the BART station. And in San Francisco, the Municipal Railway will run special buses labeled "99-BART" every 15 minutes between the Balboa Park and Embarcadero BART stations, stopping outside each intermediate station. Extra service will be provided on the weekday 14X Mission Express during the morning commute. If needed, extra service will be provided to and from the Ferry Building on line 38L. Many displaced BART riders, of course, will simply decide to get behind the wheel and take their chances on the Bay Area's highways and toll bridges. And the transportation commission's Freeway Service Patrol, the white tow trucks that roam the highways, will extend their hours to help keep accidents from slowing traffic. San Francisco will halt all roadwork during commute hours, institute valet parking at city garages to increase capacity and dispatch officers to direct traffic at freeway ramps and busy intersections if necessary. The average annual salary for a BART station agent or train operator is about $41,000.