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2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2001/6/25-26 [Health/Disease/General] UID:21628 Activity:very high
6/25    Seeking advice on wetsuits.  I'm learning how to swim but the water
        is too cold so I want to get a full bodied wetsuit.  Anything I should
        watch out for when getting one?  Particular brands somebody can
        recommend?  Thanks.
        \_ Learn to swim in a pool? All you need is a swimsuit. Duh. --dim
           \_ I am trying to learn in a pool in my backyard!  The water
              is still too cold for me this time of the year.  I'm too skinny,
              can't float easily and get cold easily.  :-)
        \_ You should decide on thickness first. I have one for surfing
           that is "3/2" (I don't even know the units - mm?) meaning 3
           in the torso and 2 in the arms. If you are doing a lot of
           swimming you will probably want not-so-thick arms. Mine is
           good for Santa Cruz about 6 months a year, but not in the winter
           and not in summer.
           Anyway, you want it to fit tightly in the arms. You should also
           think about getting a rash guard to wear underneath. You want
           it as tight as you can get it and not need someone to zip it
           up for you. It will not really stretch. They come in regular
           sizes (s/m/l/xl) and also tall/regular/short. Buy the right size
           for you.
           I have O'Neill which is great. Body Glove is also popular. I
           would rather invest in a pretty good one from a name brand rather
           than something cheapo. Santa Cruz has a lot of surf shops, but
           I got mine at Tri-City in Fremont. Cope & McPheters is also a
           big place you can probably get them.
           \_ This rash guard, it is worn all over the body?  Or just
              particular spots like arms or knees?
           \_ I second O'Neill and Body Glove.  But wetsuits in general are
              better for ocean sports like surfing and diving.  If you want
              to learn how to swim, I really suggest taking a class or at
              least swim laps in the gym or at school.  UCB offers great
              swimming classes.  If you HAVE to swim in your backyard, I
              suggest getting a dive skin, which is basically a stretchy
              nylon full body suit.  It's much more flexible than wetsuits,
              and provides more warmth than a swimming suit.  You can get
              them at dive shops, like Captain Aqua's in Fremont.  Don't
              go to Steel's in Oakland.  -- alice
2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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