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2018/12/12 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2001/6/25 [Computer/Networking] UID:21615 Activity:nil
6/24    D00D!!!1!  WHUT HAPP3N3D 2 SLASHD0T???/??  D1D TH31R 3L33T BAND UV
        LUN1X HAXORS END UP G3TT1NG 0WN3D BY S0M30N3 ELS3????/??  HA HA!!!1!
        \_ what the fuck are you talking about?
           \_ /. had been down for the past two days.
        \_ Um, dude, their router (brought to you by the good folks at
           Cisco) died.  Linux had nothing to do with it.
2018/12/12 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2012/4/26-6/4 [Computer/Networking] UID:54371 Activity:nil
4/26    I see that soda has an ipv6 address but ipv6 traffic from this box
        doesn't actually work (ping6 <DEAD><DEAD>, ping6
        Is this expected to work?
        \_ Soda doesn't have a real IPv6 address.  The IPv6 addresses you see
           in ifconfig are just link-local addresses; any IPv6-capable machine
           will autogenerate these, whether or not it's connected to an IPv6
2010/7/24-8/25 [Computer/Networking] UID:53896 Activity:nil
7/23    Internet's first router:
        \_ Wow!  And the first VoIP phone!  Notice that the fans on that
           hardware look just like the fans these days.
           \_ I'm typing on an IBM Clicky Clacky Keyboard.
2009/4/26-29 [Computer/Networking] UID:52910 Activity:nil
4/25    I have an Airport Express.  is there some way to let computer
        1 ping computer 2?  both computers are connected to wireless network
        successfully.  I can get to internet on both of them.  I just can't
        ping each other.  weird.  maybe they think that's a feature?
        \_ Sounds like your router is enforcing client isolation. If you can't
           change the setting on the router you're probably SOL.
2009/3/12-19 [Computer/Networking] UID:52705 Activity:low
3/12    I spent a whole day on this to no avail.  Using the Nortel Contivity
        client, logging into work suddenly stopped working (gets stuck on
        "banner text").  Rebooted laptop, checked with the VPN administrator,
        checked with the cable company, check the belkin router -- no changes
        anywhere, just stops working.  Laptop works fine from a different
        network, and a different machine on the same network can't get in
2009/2/27-3/5 [Computer/Networking] UID:52658 Activity:nil
2/27    I need to buy a wireless router, can u guys help me out?   I need the
        following features:  wireless, G or better, PPTP dial up, PPoE dialup,
        VoIP/SIP register, DDNS, uPnP.
        I am having a such hard time to find a review site which allow me to
        select these features.   Any ideas?  There are a couple model from
        this small company Draytek has these features, I am having the hardest
2008/12/15-29 [Computer/Networking] UID:52254 Activity:kinda low
12/15   ausman, maybe this can help form your views on net neutrality:
        if you're bored, skip down to the iFilm example.
        \_ jim: consider the case of a private electrical utility:
           do you believe in "current neurality"? i agree if say GOOG
           were to put in a giant server complex creating a sudden local
2008/11/11-26 [Computer/Networking] UID:51916 Activity:nil
11/11   Dumb question. My apartment has a bunch of inter-computer file
        exchange going on. Should I get a switch instead of a router to
        minimize traffic? Does it really make a difference? Let's say
        two computers exchanging info with each other are on the switch
        and the switch is connected to the router. The router will never
        know about the transfer between the two computers right?
2008/9/29-10/1 [Computer/Networking] UID:51325 Activity:nil
9/29    I'm looking for a new wireless router / firewall, preferably
        something that supports 802.11n. Any recommendations?
        \_ Which 802.11n?
           \_ Draft 2.0 or whatever version is supported by the the
              MacBook and iMac.
2008/6/16-20 [Computer/Networking] UID:50272 Activity:nil
6/16    What the minimum you can get away with paying for cable modem,
        in the South Bay?  Slowest available speed should be ok.
        Everythings seems to go to +$40/mo after teaser rates end.
        I need something faster than 56k modem but nothing really fast.
        Wondering if possible to keep under $20, since I'm out of town
        maybe 25% of the time.
2008/5/31 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:50105 Activity:nil
5/31    I have a slow wireless router and slow fileserver on my network.
        Is there a video or media player (windows or unix) that is smart
        about caching content while playing it?  I would like to be able
        to hit play on a file from a file share, wait for it to catch
        up for a while because my connection is so slow, walk away for
        a while and come back and view my movie with no annoying skips. thanks.
2008/3/13-17 [Computer/Networking] UID:49444 Activity:nil
3/13    I have an actual technical question for the motd. Where can I find
        the generic Cisco-style symbols for Visio 2003? For some reason,
        M$ pulled them from the recent edition and replaced them with
        their own crappy non-standard ones. I don't mean the icons at:
        I mean the generic circle with four arrows for a router, etc. -ausman