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2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2001/6/24-25 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:21610 Activity:very high
6/23    Do Berkeley guys aspire to "date up" to Stanford girls?
        \_ "Fuck Stanford." 'Nuff said.
        \_ Generically speaking, it can be (somewhat correctly) said that
           girls like 'ruff 'n' tuff guys, not pretty boys. Guys like
           pretty girls. So Farm girls go for Cal guys, and Cal guys go for
           Stanfud girls.
           \_ And Stanfurd guys go for sheep.
              \_ hey, Danny Pintauro isn't representative of all
                 Stanford guys
              \_ I know one Stanfurd guy (never graduated) who (used to?)
                 goes for a UCLA sorority girl
        \_ Is this true across all demographics and ethnicities?
                \_ It is true to some degree. Economists, sociologists
                   and others have found that a) men tend to marry
                   down, b) women tend to marry up and c) "up" and "down"
                   can be defined in various ways: more education,
                   ethnicity, occupational status, etc. These are
                   statistical findings, so they reflect population
                   averages rather than absolute rules. -fab
                   \_ I'm not asking interracial, just for various ethnicities
                      Because the above aspiration is opposite of what you
                      gave as more general tendencies of the population.
                      You are saying it's true but then give examples to
                      prove it untrue. I want to know if, i.e. European UCB
                      guys aspire to date up to Stanfurd girls as much as lets
                      say Asian guys want to date up to Stanfurd girls. And
                      same vice-versa.
                      say Asian guys want to date up to Stanfurd girls. But
                      perhaps more importantly now that I think about
                      it, vice-versa. Do S girls like to date down to UCB guys.
                   \_ Informal observation suggests that Asian girls/White
                    guys is much more common than Asian guys/White girls.
                    This is at UCB and confirms the Girl up/Guy down theory
                    since being White is in general a more prestigious
                         \_ WTF? Im sorry, but you're an idiot. Are you
                            from the 50's? Do you think asian women do nothing
                            but idolize white men? asian women and white males
                            are a frequent occurance at UCB, but so what beyond
                            \_ Actually to me it seems like it's 50-50
                               asian/asian, white male/asian female couples
                               in L.A., at least the ones that I see in
                               public. -jctwu
                    category. If you crossed ethnicity with school -
           \_ you're on crack. i'm going to get me a dumb ho from kobe.
                    Asian S girls v. W UCB boys, then it's unclear how much,
                    on the average , ethnicity outwieghs school prestige.
                    My hunch is that if you break Asian down (Chinese, Korean,
                    Indian, etc) then ethnicity outweighs UCB vs. Stanford,
                    you would get the classical F Up/M down according to
                    ethnicity. -fab
                    \_ The opposite is true wrt blacks/whites. Black guys date
                       white/Asian girls, but black girls usually date black
                       guys. So that either is a counterexample, or implies
                       that black > white wrt prestige.
                    \_ Not asking interracial. Euro-on-Euro. Or Asian-on-Asian.
           \_ yes. it's categorically true with no allowance for individual
              deviations. it's tautological and apodeictic.
                        \_ Rad.  Vocabulary++
              |_ ^Z; dict apodeictic; dict tautological; fg
        \_ Fun ride, but I wouldn't want to marry one.
           \_ As if you would want to marry anything.
        \_ Here's the lowdown:
           *Cal guys go for Stanford girls (they're prettier)
           *Stanford girls go for Cal guys (they're real guys)
           *Stanford guys go for sheep (as proven above)
           *Cal girls go for girls (pretty damn evident)
           \- the best pedigree for US chicks is Princeton, then Stanford,
           but stanford has high variance. There are a lot of non-psycho,
           sane people from the south, but I dunno about what college. --psb
           \_ obWhatAboutAsianChix?
                \_ Chicks are chicks, regardless of race.
           \_ you're on crack. i'm going to get me a dumb ho from kobe.  I
              only care about japan.  for me, Japan is all about pussy.  easy
              pussy. you say you're American and you get pussy.  you work for
              company as programmer, get good money and then can get your pussy.
              no drama, no sexual harassment lawsuits, no bullshit.  just
              straight pussy.  it simplifies everything and turns your mind
              to goo so you don't worry about who backstabbed you and whatnot.
              if your bitch fucks you up your ass, you go, "Hey, ho. I'm gonna
              use my dough for another ho." And then go to some back alley
              yakuza run place and get your pussy for the night.
              \_ Where is /etc/motd.authenticated?
              \_ You don't need to go to Japan for that. It's in SF/Oaktown/
                 Fremont/San Jose. Same style and cheaper with
                 same "no bullshit" rules.
              \_ If this is the attitude of the future, I sincerely fear for
                 for the health of the world.  --erikred
2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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