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2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2001/6/22 [Recreation/Media] UID:21602 Activity:insanely high 66%like:21593
6/21    "Center of the World".  You love this movie.  You live this movie.
        [post restored... why deleted?]
                \_ Aside from the lollipop scene I thought this was a
                        terrible movie, incl. its DVness
                        \_  DVness??
                                \_ Digital Video-ness
                                   \_ Huh?
        \_ What's it about?
        \_ Sodans cannot live a sex movie.
          \_ it's a paying-for-sex movie.  -tom
             \_ Ahhh...I know those.
             \_ Old CSUA saying: Sodans would rather spend thier money on a
                new Athlon T-Bird than carnal relations.
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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She imposes restrictions like no kissing on the lips, no talk of feelings, no fornication, etc. At issue is, will they get past the sex stuff and fall in love? Gugino's appearance is token, out of nowhere, and contributes nothing and all the lollipop and "fire and ice" BS is just window dressing for a story which is a flat as warm beer. I have seen this movie and would like to 138 comment on it Message Boards Discuss this movie with other users on 139 IMDb message board for Center of the World, The (2001) Recent Posts (updated daily) User 140 Not What I Expected. They will be examined and if approved will be included in a future update. Clicking the button on the left will take you through a new improved step-by-step process.