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2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2001/6/15 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Finance] UID:21530 Activity:insanely high
6/15    So who is this kinney anyway?
        is just a picture with no details. finger kinney has no info
        \_ BA, cal physics.  doing phd in econ at usc starting fall.  Thinks
           most IT people are too lazy, and don't do much work.   Likes the
           web as the "common application interface".  Took EECS 126, 61B
           with hilfy., math 50A/B, econ 202A/B.  Smart math guy. Jon's age.
        \_ BA, cal physics. started off in chem E. switched to physics later.
           doing phd in econ at usc starting fall.  Thinks most IT people are
           too lazy, and don't do much work.   Likes the web as the "common
           application interface". took:EECS 120/L, 126, 61B with hilfy.,
           math 50A/B, econ 202A/B "because they were interesting." Smart
           math guy. Jon's age.
           \_ Smart math guy?  Give me a break.
                   \_ Ooooh, we got a "real" mathematician on our hands!
                   \_ I want to be a smart math guy when I grow up! -- ilyas
           \_ how'd he do in 61b?
              \_ he's not a cs guy.  nuff said.
           \_ I guess physics is a pretty good major if you are not good
              enough to get a engineering degree, but Econ?!? That's a
              drinking/golf major, big downgrade from phyiscs. I guess
              my question is answered, Kinney is YASL.
              \_ he thought ugrad econ was too easy.
              \_ have you ever taken a grad econ course? they're not the same
                 as undergrad econ.  It's about modelling systems using diff
                 eqs and other math tricks.   Have you taken a grad econ
                 course at Berkeley?  Taught by Brad De Long?   Or are you
                 yet another motd wanker(person who speaks from the arse)?
              \_ "Yet Another ... " ?
                 \_ Soda Luser
           \_ groupies at an Idiot Parade show (socal punk).
        \_ So who are the hookers? --dim
           \_ could someone please explain what's going on in that picture?
              maybe someone could narrate it?
           \_ groupies at an Idiot Parade show (socal punk band).
        \_ maybe we should ask kinney himself...
2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2008/10/13-15 [Finance/Investment] UID:51495 Activity:nil 63%like:51494
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        *Boredcast Message from 'psb': Tue Oct  7 13:13:54 2008
        || i wonder if the nobel people will give PKRUGMAN the econ prize
        || as a way of sticking it to BUSHCO
        || well the econ nobel people