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2022/05/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2001/6/10-11 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:21469 Activity:very high
6/9     Why are Japanese people SO fucked up?
        \_ Well it's quite clear, this just goes to further prove the dangers
           of knives and sharp implements. How many more children must die
           before we do the responsible thing and ban knives?
        \_ they are space aliens.  look at their circulatory system; it's
           not the same as the rest of the world, yes there are documents
           to support this.
           \_ lol.  whilst teaching in Japan, I often had older students
              tell me that Japanese people have longer intestines due to
              the disproportionate amount of vegetables they ate.  then
              again, Japan's Ministry of Trade once denied Vuarnet access
              to the J. ski market on the basis that Japanese snow is
              different from snow anywhere else.  --erikred
        \_ with a pop. 60% that of the US, a significantly smaller landmass,
           and one "incident" for every ten of ours, if the Japanese are
           fucked up, we ought to have our entire country committed, and
           quickly.  otoh, if you're asking why this psycho went off like
           he did, damn, I wish I could tell you.  when they do go for it,
           they really go for it.  --erikred
           \_ I thought the question was asking why one could purchase
              used schoolgirl's underwear from vending machines. -geordan
                 \_ I looked for these in Tokyo, but I do not think they
                    exist.  A lot of the "Japanese people are weird" shit
                    is made up and exaggerated.  -John
                    \_ A Japanese girl told me this and many other stories
                       of bizarre goings on in Japan were true.  She described
                       being molested herself on trains.  She told me of
                       random people offering to buy her underwear.  A
                       Chinese girl I know who spent 3 years in Japan also
                       told me of purchase attempts, vending machines, and
                       all sorts of stuff.  I think everything we've heard is
                       probably true.  But think what goes on in the US.
                       Peole are weird.  --PeterM
                       \_ i've met alot of sheltered kids from the
                       suburbs in college who think all the crazy , fucked-up
                       stuff that goes on in America(with the exception of
                       what they can see on TV) is basically made up.
                       Alot of poeple like to think that crazy stuff is
                       made up to justify their own boring, trite little
        \_ are there a proportionally large number of H4T 45N B4B3Z
           that are japanese?
           \_ sky?  your thoughts?
           \_ It's all about the Koreans, fools!
              \_ Its all about the sailor suits fool!
        \_ All that restraint and "hidden emotion" crap.  It's got
           to come out some how.
           \_ Corruption from the evil Westerners.
              \_ train frottage
        \_ It's the lack of dentists there. They think crooked teeth are sexy.
           \_ that's england.  remember, they like starch and fluoridated
              water there for food.
             \_ no, it's Japan too
             \_ japanese tend to have really crappy teeth.
2022/05/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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