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2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2001/4/27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21123 Activity:high 75%like:21122
4/27    When judging women, what is more important to you: face, body, brain,
        and personality.  Give percentages in that order -like 30/30/20/20
        \_ a girl can be a 10 in each category, but my decision is based
        on these percentages. 40/30/30/10 (but she has to be a 10 in each)
        \_ I only go for the best: 100/100/100/100/100.  My woman has to be
           5x any other woman could be!
           \_ Why would a woman like that date a troll like you?
           \_ Too bad a women like that would not date you.
                \_ Both of you are stupid.  It was a joke, kid, see?  A joke.
                   Let me explain for the "specially gifted" among us today:
                   since we're dealing with percentages, the total must add
                   to 100.   Now maybe you can take the next small step on
                   your own.  Test is on Monday and will be graded based on
                   your increased level of self esteem.
        \_ don't forget, "and asian".  10/10/30/30/20
        \_ "I am not paying you to talk."
        \_ 10/80/0/0 -- figured little brain is like no brain at all. And no
        brianers are easier to get.  Use most of the stats for the important
        stuff first because it's always easy to get other no brainers when
        I can't deal with the personality no more. hahaha
        \_ 20/40/10/30/0
        \_ 20/50/0/20/10  (Of course I don't mean she can be mentally
           challenged.)  -- Asian
           \_ So you're willing to go out with a girl with Chelsea Clinton's
              face, the body of Anna Kornakova, the brains of George W. Bush,
              and the personality of Al Gore? You must have some low standards
              \_ Not the body of Kornakova.  I'm thinking more along the line
                 of Cindy Margolis and Aria Giovanni.  (Neither have implants,
                 I think.)
                 \_ Asian AND body of Cindy Margolis?  HAHAHAHAHAHAH
                    \_ Check out Saori Nanami.  Supposedly she's all natural.
                        \_ Just Another Asian Chick.  JAAC.
                           \_ Well, how about Yukimi Tohno?  Also all natural
                        \_ I guess all this breast fetish totally degrades women
                           and overlooks the power of a good smile and nice eyes
                           \_ If you like the face more than the body,
                              put your points there.  Not everyone likes
                              your ideal woman.  Pig.
                           \_ If you are *DUMB* enough to fall for a girl just
                              because she has a good smile and nice eyes, you
                              deserve to get taken to the cleaners in divorce
                              court. Your wife and her boyfriend will by might
                              greatfully for your stupidity.
                                \_ What's with the "all marriage leads to
                                   divorce" obsession?  Let it grow.  See a
                                   good therapist.  Choose better next time.
                                   Both your wife and your divorce lawyer.
           \_ yeah, you could always put a bag over her head. i like your
        \_ It depends.  Just some random on the street and "would I fuck her?"
           or someone I've just met and "would I date her?" or someone I've
           known for a while and "would I marry her?"
           \_ yeah the question was vague, in not specifying judging women
              for WHAT.
              CARES ABOUT THIS OR NOT?!?
           \_ this is for SCIENCE.
           \_ you must be a jealous ugly chick with NO body.
              \_ actually, I'm a guy with a hot girlfriend.  And frankly
                                            \_ PixP
                                                \_ T
                                                   \_ urlP
                                                      \_ #t
                 I don't see why other people opinions really matter.  Perhaps
                 you are so bored about fantasizing about women that now you're
                 fantasizing about the women that other men fantasize about.
                 \_ Where can I see pix of your girlfriend?
                        \_  She's the one with the tits.
                           \_ Yeah right.
        \_ face, body, personality,brains.
2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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