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2019/05/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2000/11/17 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:19831 Activity:nil
11/16   If Gore wins, 30 states will succeed from the union
        \_ California shouldn't need this election as an excuse to cecede
           (yes it's "cecede" troll) from the union.  We have all the good
                        \_ Try "secede" you loser spelling-god wannabe.
           stuff.  Without the United States we would have the 6th (new
           figures?) largest economy in the WORLD.  Think about it.  It's a
           good plan.
        \_ Hi troll.  This is the dumbest thing posted on the motd in at least
           6 months.
                                     \_ I would hope all 50 would.
                                        \_ Bush supporters also tend
                                           to have the same level of
                                           vocabulary as Bush himself.
                                           \_ Typical leftist.  If you can't
                                              win, smear, smear, smear.  They
                                              \_ smear? You dumbshit. Everyone
                                                 knows Bush is a crack smoking
                                                 idiot. Even Republicans
                                                 know that. Even his dad. It
                                                 has nothing to do with who
                                                 wins this damn election. The
                                                 guy can't say an English
                                                 sentence without fucking up.
                                                 \_ So, the ends justifies the
                                                    means?  It's ok to steal
                                                    the election is the end
                                                    result is what you want?
                                                    Wow... how naive of me to
                                                    think The Will Of The
                                                    People still mattered....
                                                    \_ The Republicans stole
                                                       the election by hand
                                                       counting ballots in
                                                       Republican majority
                                                       counties then refusing
                                                       the Dems the same right.
                                              voted, Bush won.  They recounted,
                                              Bush won.  They're in court now,
                                              Bush is winning there, too.
                                              The recounts aren't _creating_
                                              enough new Gore votes to change
                                              anything.  Bush won.  The
                                              overseas votes are 5:3 (R)
                                              voters, Bush won.  Give it up.
                                              You've been in the Bay Area too
                                              long.  Even my coworkers who
                                              voted Gore are saying he lost
                                              and should give it up.
                                              \_ The Republicans stole the
                                                 election, not Gore.
                                              \_ Err ... I also think Gore
                                                 should give up, but that
                                                 doesn't mean I should like
                                                 Bush Jr., or have any
                                                 confidence in his vocabulary.
                                                 \_ This isn't about GPA's,
                                                    even though Bush's GPA
                                                    was higher.  It's about
                                                    stealing the election
                                                    through the courts with
                                                    PR blitz assistance from
                                                    the slanted press.
        \_ Then they will be rogue states.  Hope they can defend themselves.
        \_ good riddance
        \_ So if 30 succeed, will the other 20 (not incl PR and DC) fail?
        \_ I'd like Gore to take a road trip from East to West Coast.
           I dare him to try to find a path through Democratic States.
           He won't be able to without being forced to cross through
           Republican country (can't leave the U.S. borders, of course).
           \_ Who cares? They're a bunch of gun hugging hicks who marry
              their cousins.
                \_ We leftist call that "fly over country".  Driving is for
        \_ This must be a troll. Republicans know better than to call for
           secession based on the results of an election; we value the laws
           of the land (unlike most democrats).
           \_they would cecede because this has become a nation of lawyers
             not laws. Al Gore can win an election by a judge and not law.
             So why note cecede and keep the constitution the way it was meant
             to be?
        \_ You people are all fucking pathetic.  This is almost-but-not-
           quite above the level of knuckle-dragging trash talking you get
           in an 8th grade pickup basketball game.  I'm ashamed to have
           graduated from the same educational system that spawned people
           as incapable of rational thought as yourselves.  And the worst
           of it is, you get to vote on my taxes.  Spite, contempt,
           vitriol.  -John
                \_ Hi John.  If they voted intelligently, they'd be lowering
                   your taxes.  Intelligently = can read a ballot and poke
                   1 hole per candidate.
                   \_ Is there more than 1 hole per candidate?
                        \_ In Florida, some morons voted once for Al Gore
                           and a second vote for that nice Joe fellow because
                           he's a nice boy, you know?
2019/05/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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           \_ You voted for the billionaire that ran HP into the ground
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        \_ Bush is a great computer scientist.
           \_ He must be, given that he defeated the inventor of the Internet
              and AlGorithm.
2009/12/25-2010/1/19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:53603 Activity:nil
12/24   Why San Francisco and union and government suck:
           San Francisco to become richer and richer and richer. It's
           Disneyland for adults! YAY!!!
        \_ No doubt that there is plenty of corruption in San Francisco that