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2019/06/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2000/8/1-2 [Consumer/TV] UID:18837 Activity:high
7/31    Sick and tired of VCR+changing tapes. Should I get TiVo or ReplayTV?
        \_ TiVo. It runs linux. Its much better.
                \_ Its superiority has nothing to do with it running Linux.
                \_ "Dewde, this one thing is leik 4x slower and buggy abd
                    costs 2x as muvh but it runz 0n L1nikz!1 it rewlz!1"
                    \_ "Yeah dewd. ef unly it ren Windowz CE instead it
                        wuld run 8x slower and buggy and be like all kool,
                        and stuff"
                    \_ It runs linux is not the only reason that it is
                       better. It is one of the reasons. I would get the
                       Sony branded one since support from Sony is better
                       than from tivo.
        \_ I recently went through this and ended up choosing TiVo, primarily
           because it passes through closed captioning, Replay doesn't. Both
           have good features, none of which are apparent at a store. Try to
           find people who own them and get them to do demos for you. -- Marco
                \_ yeah, try to find people who own them. Good luck.
           \_ What format does TiVo save the video?  Is it possible to offload
              the recorded show onto a PC?
2019/06/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2012/6/9-7/20 [Consumer/TV] UID:54416 Activity:nil
6/9     I'm interested in Tivo, is it required to buy subscription?
        Also it is possible to record and export the AVI/MPG file?
        \_ No subscription is required. Not sure about exporting the
           file, though they do let you add a hard drive, so there
           has got to be a way to move files around that way. Let
           me know what you discover.
2008/4/24-5/2 [Consumer/TV] UID:49821 Activity:nil
4/24    Can I set up my TiVo so that I can control/program it from
        the web? Thanks!
        \_ if you have your tivo hooked up to home broadband (not dial-up
           for system updates) you can do it via either Yahoo or directly
           via the My TiVo Online Scheduling site, which in my experience
           works way better than Yahoo. -shac
2007/2/18-23 [Computer/SW/Security, Consumer/TV] UID:45771 Activity:nil
2/18    I have a Tivo.  I don't have service.  I'm not going to get service.
        What is cool that I can do with the Tivo?
        \_ eat it?
        \_ prop open doors?
2006/9/26-27 [Consumer/TV] UID:44545 Activity:moderate
9/26    Hi, I'm looking for a cheap DVR box.  I don't need anything fancy
        and I'm not going to pay Tivo for monthly subscriptions.  I just need
        need something to replace my VCR.  Can Tivo work without the monthly
        fees?   I'm willing to buy a used Tivo box on ebay if olders ones
        can work as standalone boxes.  Thanks.
        \_ LiteOn has DVD Recorder with 160GB HD.  It should work a lot
2006/9/18-20 [Consumer/TV] UID:44421 Activity:nil
9/18    Any reason not to go with DishNetwork over DirecTV? -- ulysses
        \_ 1. DishNetwork has nuked channels I care about (Com Central)
              from their lineup in the past.
           2. If you're doing the Tivo thing too, the DirecTV Tivo lets
              you have two simultaneous feeds, so you can record multiple
              shows at the same time (or record one while watching another.)