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2019/08/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2000/7/17-18 [Science, Computer/Theory] UID:18699 Activity:very high
7/17    i think micro$oft's new language should be called C-
        to match the grade i got in cs164 -- Social-Science Major
        \_ WTF were you taking cs164 for as a fuzzy major?
           \_ To take space away from an EECS major? BTW I didnt
              really get a C-, but it's a better post that way.
              The major is only fuzzy because Math, CS and Bio havent
              figured it out yet.
                \_ Anything that needs to add the word "Science" to it's
                   description probably isn't.  Yes, including computer
                   science.   -cognitive science alum
                   \_ Amen to that. Computer science is either math or
                      engineering, depending on which side you're on. And
                      cognitive science, is, of course, bullshit.
                        \_ No, Cog Sci is either linguistics or neuro anatomy.
                           Don't judge it from the cogsci 5 course you took.
                                -cog sci alum
                           \_ I am judging from CogSci100, CogSci101, and
                              CogSci110 courses I took. Linguistics is
                                all seem to warship at berkeley?
                              either bullshit or linguistics. 110/115 series
                              or the 130's. Neuro anatomy is neuro anatomy
                              and those who call it cogsci are simply trying
                              to cover the rest of cogsci's bare ass.
                                    -- original poster
                           \_ oh, yeah?  which of those is the idioitic
                                arguments of that anti-AI crusader who you
                                all seem to worship at berkeley?
                           \_ Wow, and this wasn't even me. -- ilyas
                           \_ I don't "warship" John Searle.  He's a
                                   pompous arrogant ass who has nothing to do
                                   with anything.  -cog sci alum
                           \_ I don't like John Searle NOR George Lakoff,
                                   and yet I loved being CogSci at CAL. - Marco
                                        \_ At least Lakoff wasn't an asshole
                                           like Searle even if you don't like
                                           his lecture materials.  What'd you
                                           not like about him?
                                \_ warship? We have a warship? Let's put our
                                   football team on it and sail to Palo Alto.
                                        \_ We have a speeling disfunkshun.
2019/08/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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