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2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2000/5/10-11 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:18235 Activity:high
5/10    I am getting a PC to play games, run quicken and surf the net.
        Should I specify Win 98 SE or Windows 2000 (no price difference)?
        Would Windows 2000 give me the same functionality but a little
        more stability?  My current Win95 system crashed way too often.
        \_ Win98SE if you want to play lots of games.  Not all games
           work under W2K.
           \_ My experience dual-booting both has been that 98 is less
              unstable than W2k.  Even IE is flakey under win2k...
                \_ Are you mad?  98 is total crap.  w2k has issues but
                   nothing like 98.  98 is _only_ good for games.  I disabled
                   the net for my 98 install because it's such a POS.  Most
                   games will do ok under w2k, but not all.  As newer games
                   comes out, more and more will run under w2k.
           \_ My experience is Win2K is much stabler than 98/98 SE.
              I never want to go back to 98 again.
              \_ Also keep in mind that there are 98 programs that may
                 not work correctly on W2k so you may be out of luck until
                 they put out an update.  Personally I'd stay with W98SE
                 unless there's a reason you want W2k.
        \_ Buy the playstation 2 for games.  Don't buy a PC.  Buy
           a Mac for surfing the net and running quicken.
                \_ The playstation is only good for twitch games.  There are
                   tons of non-twitch games for the PC that don't exist for
                   the PS and probably never will.  The Mac?  Stop trolling.
        \_ macs rule.  pppplllllt!
2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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