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2019/06/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

1999/10/15-17 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16718 Activity:low
10/15   Can anyone recommend a *functional* freely available word processor
        for *nix. WP8 has just pissed the last remnants of a fuck out of
        me, and as much as I'd like to use cat | latex | dvips for everything,
        I'm not fast enough with latex to make it time-efficient.
        \_ It's OK; you're not enough of a writer to make it worthwhile.
        \_ StarOffice, from Sun, is not bad.
           \_  I'm a big fan.  It's just like MS Office (maybe not
                such a good thing) but it's free.  Seems to run as fast, too.
        \_ Get faster with latex.  Latex + emacs, the choice of professionals
           \_ Latex + text editor IS NOT A WORD PROCESSOR. It is
              a way to professionally format documents. That does not
              make it a "word processor".
           \_ professional whats?  most profesional writers(not technical) i
              have known use macintosh.
              \_ ED! ED! ED IS THE STANDARD!
                \_ so who is this Ed guy?
                \-if you are a "computer person" and spend most of your time
                writing text and not including tables and pictures and such,
                emacs+auctex+tex is a great choice. if you are doing graphical
                things a lot or are "too short", get some wysiwig. youc an also
                use wordperfect-mode for emacs :-) --"psb"
2019/06/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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        \_ Yah, now we'll just have to play Battlefield 2 to kill
2007/11/30-12/6 [Computer/SW/Compilers, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:48719 Activity:moderate
11/29   From the CSUA minutes:
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           4 votes passes.
        -- Console voting: 2 votes each, neither passes
           * 360 = 600, more games
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7/13    CSUA Life Roster
1 point each for:                                               key:
                significant other (out of county rule applies)   G
                car (Chevy Novas do count)                       C
                housing (dorms DO NOT count)                     H
                own computer running reasonable multi-tasking OS U
2007/7/9-12 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:47240 Activity:high
7/9     Are 64-bit Linux servers popular compared to 32-bit ones?  My company
        has a server product that supports 32-bit, and we're trying to see if
        it's worth supporting 64-bit as well.  Thanks.
        \_ in my company, everything linux is 64bit except the handful of
           redhat satellite servers, because redhat's sat server product
           doesn't support running on 64bit systems (yet).  DOH!
2007/4/17-19 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:46347 Activity:nil
4/17    Intel to release new chips about 40% faster!!!!!!! Go Penryn
        processors YAY BABY!!!!!!!!!! It's the WORLD'S FIRST 45 nm processor!!!
        \_ I know you're all jazzed, but what is the big deal?  Are you an
           Intel employee?  Did you work on this chip line?
2006/11/10-12 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:45316 Activity:nil
11/10   Is there anyway to get C/C++ compilers to automatically compile
        different code for different processors?  I'd like to be able to
        say something like:
          #if defined X86 ...
          #elif defined SPARC ...
          #else ...
2006/10/31-11/2 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:45057 Activity:moderate
10/31   A friend of mine said he's loving Microsoft again because Bill G
        is starting to donate all of his money to charity. He's boycotting
        Google, Yahoo, and other mega companies because they're too big and
        too power and thinks they're all becoming the old Microsoft, whereas
        Microsoft has recently done a lot of good things like investing in
        education and charity. He just paid for a copy of Microsoft Windows
2006/10/30-11/1 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:45041 Activity:high
10/30   My favorite command in UNIX is "cal". What is your favorite?
           \_ Nein, I vill be. A German and a Jerry, danke, und Heil! -John
              \_ PARSE ERROR. Are you on drugs again John?
                 \_ That's just my troll farm being rambunctious.  Use new
                    Extra Strength Troll-Gro for healthy and frisky trolls!
        \_ Based on frequency of use, gonna have to go with tcsh
2006/10/25-27 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:44971 Activity:nil
10/25   LaTeX question: How do I scale a tabular envornment or a table to
        an arbitrary height and width? Using \resizebox seems to work if
        one of the dimensions is !, but it doesn't seem to work right if
        I specify both dimensions. Thanks in advance.
        \_ Explain more? "Resize"? Smaller/larger? Scale what's inside?
           Put more white space in?
2006/7/13-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:43658 Activity:nil
7/13    Painful .pdf conversion question deleted by op.  I've decided to just
        be a man and edit the LaTex code the way I should have done in the
        first place.  Thanks to those who attempted to help.
2006/7/13 [Computer/SW/Apps, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:43656 Activity:kinda low
7/13    I have about 80 .pdf graphics files, that are a mix of vector graphics
        and bitmaps, and I want to convert them all to bitmap of a specified
        resolution, while preserving the physical size of the original image.
        Does anyone have any suggestions for how to do this fast and
        efficiently?  I have access to the full Adobe suite if that makes any
        difference.  thanks.
2006/5/20-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:43125 Activity:nil
5/20    Is there a format that's a "cross" between a wordprocessor
        (e.g. Word) and LaTeX? I want something that's higher quality
        than Word but a little easier to work with than LaTeX.
        \_ lyx?  gui frontend to LaTeX
        \_ You might like TeXMacs .
2005/12/9-11 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:40932 Activity:low
12/8    How do I make a non-italicized greek letter in Latex?
        \_ If you use them as mathematical characters, they're
           always variables. (I know this doesn't help much.)
        \_ Thanks to the person who nuked my reply. Most fonts probably
           do not have non-italic Greek, and most LaTeX packages probably
           don't support non-italic Greek. You need a font that has glyphs
2005/11/16-17 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:40614 Activity:moderate
11/15   What's a good freeware tool to draw network diagrams with? I used
        to use Visio years ago. I just need to do this once, so I don't
        want to buy a package. I have Powerpoint. Can it do it? Xfig is
        a little primitive? Anything else? Can be UNIX, Mac, or Windows-based.
        \_ OpenOffice has a drawing tool that is pretty lame but
           functional.  -tom
2005/11/10-12 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:40533 Activity:moderate
11/10   Which chat program is the most popular these days?  AOL IM?  Yahoo
        Messenger?  ICQ?  I'm trying to sign up for one.  Thx.
        \_ AIM in USA, MSN for rest of the world.  Don't bother with ICQ,
           as the protocol is merging with AIM anyway.  If I were you, I
           get account in both AIM and MSN and use GAIM/Adium/Trillian as
2005/10/5-6 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:39984 Activity:nil
10/5    After years of using latex without bibtex, I have finally started using
        bibtex, and find that I had been leading a shallow, incomplete life.
        Save yourself from a meaningless life, and start using bibtex now.
        \_ Not all latex leads to shallow, incomplete life.  Many people enjoy
           deep, complete life with latex such as Trojan Magnum XL.
        \_ You don't always have to settle with a shallow life while using