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2019/07/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

1999/5/25 [Finance/CC] UID:15876 Activity:nil
5/25    A Silly Valley company has offered to give me their e-commerce
        account to sell a few jewelry items on their website, and as a
        newbie to this, I'm not sure what I quoted as a ballpark figure for
        total cost of setup was accurate.  I made up a range of $7K - $10K
        to enable one click credit card purchasing and shipping on the site,
        as an e-commerce solution.  Should I have asked for more?  Less???
        Help!  (I also told the CEO the turn-around time was 1.5 months
        until project completion.)
        \_ you're a moron.  Asking these questions on the motd just shows
           that you're not capable of being an e-commerce consultant.
           \_ yah, I feel kind of dirty just offering advice - i mean, it
              shouldn't be this easy, right? asking for pointers on the motd?
              but something tells me it is this easy
        \_ wow. what a steal. assuming you dont have to buy any hardware.
        \_ If you need to ask these sorts of questions in the motd, then
           six weeks will be difficult for you to deliver on.  Dealing
           with the credit card business people can be a pain, even if
           the technical part of the job isn't.
           \_ It's possible for 1-2 persons to do it in 5 days + waiting
              for domain names / credit card merchant account / site hosting
              / product info - ack now I feel more dirty
        \_ try for what services they offer, and also to check
           out the names of shopping cart engines
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